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How Do You Exercise When Traveling?

Posted Sep 20 2012 12:00am

Seriously.  Ho much do you really exercise when you’re out of town?  I just got back from a trip to Chicago and it was amazing!  The last thing on my mind was exercise.  I didn’t even murmur the words: work out.


How do you have time to exercise is my real question? Mind you, my hotel had a fitness room and I avoided that floor like the plague. I didn’t ever consider going there, even when I ran into other hotel patrons post exercise, glowing from the endorphins. A part of me was jealous, but another part of me thought
“I’m on vacation or I don’t have time to change and take an elevator up a couple of floors”. All these were lies, I was just lazy. It was that same laziness you get when don’t want to drive to the gym so instead you pull out on a Zumba DVD.

So what if you didn’t have to leave your hotel room to exercise? It’s technically your home for the next few days and people always find ways to exercise at home. Here’s how you can exercise in your hotel room and you don’t need a penthouse to exercise efficiently, trust me.

This is a 20 minute work out, not including a light warm up and post stretch.

I love jumping jacks! They remind me of being a kid. Do about 50 jumping jacks and your body will be nice and warm


20 Reps of Body Squats. *You don’t need to use a chair or bed for this one, unless you’d like the extra support.

15 Reps of Incline Push Ups. *For this exercise you can also do a Decline Push Up if you’re more advanced, but for the Incline Push Up leave your feet on the floor and then go to the edge of the bed or desk and start your Push Ups.

15 One Arm-Luggage Lunges. *Stay in one place and use your luggage as the weight. The point of this exercise is to work the legs without taking too much space. Start with one side holding the luggage and then switch arms.

Last, but not least 10 Reps of Inverted Rows. *This is a great exercise, but you have to be careful to not break the desk or table. This one needs a visual explanation.


Now STREEEETTCCCHHHH and you’re all done!

Are you feeling more inclined to exercise when traveling? I know I am, I just wish I would have thought of this before traveling because now I’m back and feeling a little soft.

Safe Travels,

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