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how do I lose 50 pounds in less than a year?

Posted by CarlySweetie

I am 5'1" and I weight 200 pounds. I am aiming to weigh 150 pounds in about half of a year. Is there any way I could do that?
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The big thing here is setting appropriate expectations.  1 to 2 lbs. a week is recommended for long-term, successful weight loss. IF you lost 2 pounds a week in 26 weeks (a 1/2 year) that would be 52 lbs.  That would be doable, number-wise, but in real life there are variables that can both slow-down and speed-up weight loss.

People lose massive amounts of weight without surgery, but it takes the right diet and exercise combo, not to mention a commitment to stick-to-it.  That is not to say that those who have weight loss surgery don't make a commitment for life either; it is not an easy way to live (I'm a post-op gastric bypass) and it brings it's challenges too. 

My suggestion is, just start.  Why should it matter if you can or can't within a specified period of time, right?  You want to be smaller, healthier, etc., so the first step is just to start.

Good luck to you!


Hi, There is no quick fix. Try weight watchers . I have been doing it since the first of the yr and have lost 14 lbs . It's learning to eat right and cutting your portions down . Exercising at least 5x a week that part is hard for me . I didn't put the weight on overnight and it won't come off overnight . It's going to take commitment and hard work. So here I go :)
Heh. Good advise ! Thank you. 

One day at time is the key.  I didn't have hundreds to lose, just one hundred but I did it.  Losing 50 lbs. in a year is very doable and great goal.  Find a diet that works for you and enjoy following and start walking or whatever other exercises you might be phyically able to do.

I'm a big fan of low carb myself, but I'm a bigger fan of finding a diet that you can stick to and begin a "lifestyle change" rather than a fad.  You can follow my weight loss journey on my other blog under the " one pound weight loss" catergory.  My journey starts las May when I began to write it until now where I have reached my initial goal of 90 lbs. of weight loss.  I have eliminated all my medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type II diabetes.  You can do it to and as Dr. Vic points out, just take it one day and one pound at a time and you will get there sooner that you think!

I was a very overweight fat guy just " One Pound Ago"!

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