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How Can I Get Rid Of My Belly Fat?

Posted Jun 16 2010 12:42am

The biggest problem people face is shifting belly fat . In the belly, there are two main types of fat. One type, Visceral fat, protects your organs and is deep within your body, the other is Subcutaneous, that’s the one that jiggles when you bounce around.

Before discussing how to get rid of your belly fat I would like to cover a few basic points that you need to know.

The least effective exercises for getting rid of belly fat are abs exercises. Sit-ups and crunches will indeed tone up your stomach muscles but they don’t shift the belly fat.

Doing the same cardio exercises three times a week will bore you to death before it gets rid of any large amount of belly fat. You need to combine cardio with resistance training to get real results.

Diet pills, fat shredder tablets are a waste of your money. These do not work.

It pays to read the labels on the so called health foods. Do this and you will find that many of them are packed full of sugar and additives.

Here are the three main principals behind shedding the belly fat and working towards a flat stomach.

Firstly, you must start exercising. As I said before, doing hours of crunches will not provide you with great results. You will tone the muscles underneath, but your belly fat will still be there. In order to get rid of the fat on your belly, you need to burn up more calories than you are consuming. Remember, fat is unused energy. You will need to combine cardio with resistance training. This can include cycling, running, swimming, dancing playing sports etc. Combine with resistance exercise such as squats, lunges, light weight lifting, press-ups etc.

Next you will need to start eating the correct foods. Many people don’t realize but the most effective weight loss results come from exercise combined with healthy eating. It can be complicated to know what to eat given the amount of information available to us, but a good rule to remember is eat fresh food in abundance and keep a simple note of what calories you are eating as you are trying to burn off more calories than you are consuming.

Remember that this change that you are making needs to become routine so stick with it for at least twenty one days and you will then be in the habit of exercising and eating correctly and the question, “How can I get rid of my belly fat?” will have left your mind for good.

It really is important to your health and lifestyle to get fit and stay fit! As mentioned routine is important and you should look for a fitness program that you can easily fit into your lifestyle as this will help ensure that you get into that routine that could save your life. I wish you every success in getting fit and shedding that belly fat.

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