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How Calories Loss AND Food Fuel Cause Weight Loss

Posted Jun 04 2010 6:26am
If you want to enjoy permanent weight loss and remain healthy there is only one sure way to go about this. Follow a calories loss eating program and eat food containing fewer calories than your body would generally use in the course of your everyday living. To use more of your stored fat and to enable your body to operate in peak form as it should, take part in a healthy exercise program as well.

Generally, we consume around 2,000 calories each day and experts suggest that this is what the average person requires. If by following a calories loss eating plan, you reduce your food intake and only eat 1,500 calories daily, your body needs to search for the energy required from the 500 calories you did not eat from another source. This source happens to be the fat your body is storing and that you want to shed!

That will make you lose weight. There are roughly 3,500 calories in a pound of fat so in order to lose five pounds you will need to burn an additional 17,500 calories. That is why it is impossible for those fad diets and trendy diet pills to work like they say they do and why a gradual calories loss through eating a healthy diet is the only way to go.

No pill can ever cause your body to burn that many additional calories. Only restricting your calories in a calories loss menu and forcing your body to burn fat for energy can cause real weight loss. Dieting is about more than just calories though and you need to maintain a sense of balance in your eating program to lose weight and remain healthy.

An unbalanced diet consisting of only salad and diet soda will not help you lose weight as this is not enough for your body to operate in a healthy way. Your body needs more than this because it needs to be fuelled by food. A healthy food program should provide this fuel and reward your body for the work it does instead of punishing it.

Common sense dictates that there is only one way to fuel your body so that it remains healthy even when you are losing weight. This is the inclusion of a variety of foods including fruits, healthy fats, whole grains and vegetables. ‘Not so difficult’ you may think ‘But what about eating these foods even when you’d rather your high calories favorites like donuts with coffee and deep fried fish and fries’?

Old eating favourites like deep fried chicken pieces and a soda are not always easy to replace but if you want to reach your weight loss goal you will need to eat grilled chicken breast and an orange juice instead. These are the small but significant modifications that you can make to your normal eating patterns that will make all the difference. They become part of your changing lifestyle and the impact they have on your overall calories loss will bring about your weight loss for good.

Losing weight should not be your only priority as developing a healthy body is the best direction in which to be traveling and the best reason to be counting calories. If you uphold your body by feeding it healthy wholesome foods and not denigrate and if you add regular exercise to your schedule, you will discover that your weight loss will begin and continue. Foods such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits and lean meat will provide the fuel your body needs, allow it to function in all the ways it should and provide the opportunity for your excess fat to be used as energy.

The difference in your healthy eating and exercise program will take some adjusting to, because it is different and takes some accepting on your part. If you persist with this, especially as you adjust to your calories loss menus, your new lifestyle patterns will begin to feel NORMAL. As this sense of normality begins to take effect your weight loss will be underway and you will find it difficult to recall why you had not lived like this earlier. Rowena French is certain that the way to good health is through weight loss and exercise. Want to reshape your body and enjoy long term weight loss ? My free gifts show you how through calories loss . Read my common sense guide, listen to my audio book!

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