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How Bad Do You Want It?: Evelyn Makes Some Concrete Goals

Posted Dec 03 2009 12:00am

Hi guys! Meet Evelyn, from Jersey City, NJ. She's a young mother who wants to get her health and fitness back on track. Check it out:

What is your goal? And why?

My goal is to lose weight and be at a comfortable number. I have been
diagnosed with a fatty liver and feel tired and weak most of the time. I
want to feel liberated from uncomfortable clothes and be able to
participate in the sports that I've always loved.

How much weight do you want to lose? And in how much time?

I would say for my height I would need to lose at least 50 pounds. Realistically, I would say I am giving myself a year.

What's your prior experience with exercise?

We never clicked. But I have reconsidered having a friendship and am
welcoming it into my life forever.

What kinds of exercise have you tried in the past?
I have been to the gym (so the usual machines – treadmill, elliptical bike, weights, aerobics, etc, I did them all), kick-boxing, home and internet videos. I was later diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, so that didn’t help.

What is your relationship to food like?

I don't eat crazy but I do have particular things that I indulge in too
much, Ice cream mixed with soda and lots of Pepsi. Water and anything vegetable/fruit are alien to me.

What steps are you taking to reach your goal?

I have embraced "the salad"; have forbidden soda to enter during the
weekdays; and have purchased a treadmill to keep me company at night
(when my three girls are in bed).

Are you using the treadmill yet, or is it just keeping you company?
I use it about 3-4 times a week.

How bad do you want it?

To infinity and beyond...

What small change can you make--today?

I can be more physically active (for sure). I can take the girls to the park and at the same time run and play with them. I could use my treadmill and push myself a little harder instead of keeping it to a slow walk.

So there you have it, guys! Please cheer Evelyn on as she starts her weight loss journey! And while we're at it: what's your favorite piece of cardio equipment? Is it the treadmill, the elliptical, the StairMaster? I'm sure I'm missing a few. Personally, I'm a fan of the treadmill, but the StairMaster is a GREAT workout, even if it hurts!
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