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Household Remedies for Heartburn Pain

Posted Mar 01 2011 8:41am

Oftentimes home remedies for heartburn are the most effective, not to mention the most affordable, way to alleviate the pain and discomfort of heartburn. We’ll take a look here at some simple ways of managing heartburn with items you can find around the home. These treatments are in three basic categories: food products, herbs, and lifestyle changes.

You’ve likely heard that milk helps line the stomach. It’s true, and that makes cold milk and yogurt among the best home remedies for heartburn. Milk neutralizes acids in the stomach and thereby eases heartburn discomfort. To assist digestion, yogurt is also an excellent choice, since it contains beneficial bacteria and is also a source of milk. The temperature of frozen yogurt is helpful to take the edge off difficulties with the stomach lining.

Other foods that can help fight heartburn include bananas, cooked rice and raw almonds. To minimize excessive acid in your stomach, these foods are ideal. Almond oil and bananas have natural alkaline properties, and rice is helpful for absorbing acid in the stomach.

Apple cider vinegar is one more old fashioned remedy for heartburn that’s a favorite of many. Using vinegar to treat heartburn may not seem very sensible, but the fact is that it balances the pH of your digestive system. Get rid of the sour taste by mixing apple cider vinegar and water with some honey.

Heartburn can also be managed with a number of common herbal treatments and plants. For example, powdered ginger relaxes the muscles of the esophagus in order to prevent stomach acid from entering it. Marshmallow root boiled in water is another popular home remedy for heartburn. Drink it three times a day, and it can help to coat the esophagus.

The natural antibiotic capabilities of goldenseal kill the bacteria that can inflame the stomach and duodenum lining. This plant grows in the wild in several parts of America, and has a flower resembling a daisy along with fruits that look similar to raspberries. The root of this plant is combined with ethanol in a jar to make a bitter tincture, which you leave for two to three weeks. The alcohol is usually diluted with distilled water in professionally made tinctures.

It’s not just what you eat or drink that constitutes a home remedy for heartburn. Some very simple changes in your lifestyle can be just as effective. Rich and spicy food can exacerbate heartburn, and so can chocolate, coffee, tobacco, and alcoholic drinks. Therefore the best way to prevent heartburn is to avoid these triggering factors. You must also avoid eating for 2 to 3 hours before going to bed, because lying down often leads to heartburn symptoms. You can also help prevent heartburn from occurring by simply raising the head of your bed by a few inches. If you follow these recommendations, then you too can enjoy a restful night’s sleep free of heartburn.

Heartburn may not be a life threatening condition, but it can certainly cause you a lot of distress. If you want to learn more about heartburn causes and treatments and what you can do to stop it in its tracks, visit the Heartburn Relief site.

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