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Hormonally Correct Eating For Bu...

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:28pm

Hormonally Correct Eating For Building Muscle

When you break it down to basics, the biggest hurdle in peoples muscle building quest is there eating patterns. Now I am not talking about people who just eat junk food all the time. I’m talking about the people who eat well but just can’t take their body to the next level for one reason or another. These people have incorrectly been label as “hardgainers” when the truth of the matter is that they need to focus on hormonally correct eating patterns.

What I mean when I say hormonally correct eating patterns, is eating properly for your body type. There are three body types with individual patterns and characteristics.


Typical skinny

Thin limbs

Usually endurance athletes

Skinny arms and legs with a big stomach

Always either ripped or skinny

Once into their 30’s or 40’s they are skinny with a “new” fat stomach


-Athletic body

-Wide shoulders and skinny waist

-Pretty strong

-They look like they train

-Very good anabolic hormone signaling


-Very anabolic but can get both big and fat

-Usually have the hardest time losing fat

-Can build muscle quickly

-Usually the athlete who gets fat after he stops playing

You should begin to see which body type you are. Once you’ve figured this out, you now have to plan your nutrition according to your principles. You see anyone who tells you that the body is “not a textbook” should be the last person that you listen to. It’s also why I don’t agree with a person who says that you have to experiment until you find something that works for you.

While this might be true in fact. We know that each body type does better with specific supplements and protein, fat and carbohydrate ratios. I asked Dr.John Berardi about each individual type and here’s what he said before giving me the exact ratios that he uses for each body type.

“Whenever I interact with the new client I try and sort them out into one of the three types because the research is showing that each of those types has a characteristic hormonal profile. So you look at ectomorphs and you typically find they are dominant in thyroid hormones and sympathetic nervous system hormone so the fight or flight hormones. Epinephrine, nor epinephrine some people call it adrenalin nor adrenaline so these hormones are the high calorie expenditure, high fat burning, high energy burning hormones. So we typically find that is why ectomorphs are skinny like that. Because the thyroid and sympathetic nervous system dominant.”

That right there goes to show that the ectomorphs need to consume things slightly differently then the other types. While I wouldn’t go as far as to recommend metabolic typing diets I would say that more information is warranted before we just jump into a diet.

For more information on how to properly set up your nutrition for your specific hormonal type, please visit


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