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Hoopin' it up !!!

Posted May 13 2008 12:14pm

I actually walked to the park and shot hoops!!

I didn't make the 30 min goal--but, 15 ain't bad for a body that's been devastated by medical drugs!

My Game (alone) is to shoot and if I make it, saunter up to the ball and breathe.

If I miss, get to the ball ask fast as possible and shot from where you end up.

I got nowhere near the steady dance that I used to do. In fact, on my first attempt to secure a rebound, I pivoted as the ball shot past, felt my left leg muscles protest, willed myself to not fall, and fell, Hard. Asphalt scrapes on a knew and hands...

The walk back (15 min and, ahem, uphill) helped me walk off a cramped left calf.

I did it!


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