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Hoodia Weight Loss-What Are The Side Effects of Hoodia

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a health, fitness or bodybuilding magazine you can’t help to find ad after ad for Hoodia. It’s being promoted as the best supplement for fat loss, six pack abs and even to suppress your appetite. Hoodia is a plant from South Africa that has been long believed to stop your appetite, which would accelerate fat loss. Unfortunately for us, there are zero human research studies that are showing these type of results. Every positive piece of research on the market has taken place in rats.

Another interesting note is that big corporations like Pfizer have even looked into producing Hoodia. The biggest problem with Hoodia,and the biggest side effect, is that using Hoodia will lead to muscle loss. If your appetite is suppressed then you don’t want to eat and you’ll end up burning muscle for fuel. Muscle is the most metabolically active thing that we have so if we want six pack abs you must build muscle.

Another Hoodia side effect is that it doesn’t teach you long term dieting discipline. Make no mistake about it, dieting isn’t easy. If you use a supplement that drops your appetite then your body will get used to a certain level of incoming calories. Once you stop using Hoodia, you’ll automatically eat more food. What’s going to happen is that you’ll quickly start gaining fat around your midsection because you won’t realize that you are now eating more calories.

I like the idea of suppressing your appetite but if you want to do that then you should look to more natural means. Protein and healthy fats are very satiating and will also help you build muscle at the same time. Hunger isn’t a bad thing either. If you are training hard then your metabolism will be high which is a good thing. The more healthy calories that you consume during a diet the more fat you’ll burn and the more muscle you’ll build.


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