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Home Sweet Home

Posted Jul 03 2008 5:10pm

Who knew it was so exhausting doing nothing all weekend?

I had a fantastic time this weekend. Aside from being eaten alive by bugs, Im delightfully sunburnt, nice and relaxed and ready for Monday.

Turns out a lot more people went camping with us than originally anticipated, and while I knew who all of them were, Jerome and I don’t often hang out with them (2 of them guys are in Jerome’s band and the rest were all friends/girlfriends of theirs.)

I took a ton of pictures but dont want to put up any of someone that would not want me to, so here’s a few of people I know won’t mind. Which is pretty much just me, Jerome, and the rest ofTRIP LIKE ANIMALS, who I’m sure will appreciate the link I just put to their myspace.

Jerome and I in the van on the way

The view from the van

The camp site was gorgeous. It was in the middle of the desert on a lake, with no one else around.

Here’s our little make-shift kitchen, complete with bench fashioned out of beachwood. We actually all ate pretty healthy: of course there were burgers, chips and beer, but we also had a lot of fresh fruit, granola, bagels and fat free angel food cake.

Of course when you go camping with the band, you have to have a little music.

Mike and Joe Molner, guitar/vocals and drums, respectively, forTrip Like Animals.

I don’t know why I didnt get any pictures of Jerome playing with the band. He was probably off doing what he goes best: grillin’.

Here’s Jerome and I after a nightime swim

I brought running shoes, fully planning on taking a few runs on the mornings, but didn’t for two reasons. First one:too freakin’ hot. I woke up every morning drenched in sweat and praising the Gods of Wanapum Dam for giving us the one camp site with shade. It cut out a lot of the direct sun, but if you moved 3 feet outside of the camp, you were buzzard food. Second reason, and the one that makes me sound less whiney, is we did A LOT of work. The site was about a quarter mile away from the parking lot, and were unable to drive the van any further than the gate. We all made probably 4 trips unloading and 4 trips loading, back and forth, packed up the camels. We also went for quite a few walks, quite a few swims, one of the girls bought a little raft with paddles, so I spent many hours rowing around chasing after geese. I also volunteered to do a little wood gathering so be up and moving a little bit more. All in all, I ate pretty good and moved around a lot while have a ton of fun. See? Vacation doesn’t have to wreck your healthy lifestyle.

I’ll answer all your guys’ questions and comments tomorrow, I’m pretty beat right now. But I will say that you allFAILbecause no one left me any exercises jokes. I also have to catch up on my Porkchop cuddles.


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