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Holiday Party Game Plan

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:00pm

Here we go again, the Holidays are coming up way to fast and we are all thinking about surviving them without screaming on January 1 st when we jump on the scale to see what the damages are. I try to stress to all those who will listen  we really have three days to worry about, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. What happens in between these days is another story, Holiday parties and well intentioned food gifts can be a source of relentless temptation. What I suggest is to develop a Holiday survival plan.

  • Skip any creamy cheesy dip. They are a source of very high calories that accumulate quickly.
  • One- bite disasters. Cocktail franks, mini-meatballs, (my mother in-law ALWAYS makes these, I am convinced she is trying to P.. me off). All high fat, high sodium, trust me nothing good comes out of them.
  • Deep fried chicken, mini quiche and those cheap little store bought appetizers. Do not even bother; you will hate yourself in the morning.
  • This is gross, foie gras and organ based appetizers. Make sure you know a good cardiologist!

My advice- Real simple veggies are always safe with a low fat dip, shrimp, low-fat cheese, and whole grain crackers. I almost forgot watch alcohol consumption and what ever you do avoid those 900 calorie party drinks. Good Luck!

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