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Holiday Eating Habits.

Posted Dec 03 2010 11:57pm

For the life of me I cannot understand how some people can gain 15-20lbs over the holiday season. I understand that Grams might bake some damn good food, but how do you not have any self control?!

I love food, and I love comfort fatty foods. C’mon! I’m a transplanted southern girl! I grew up on fried okra, chicken fried steak, anything that was once alive and well… anything with cheese and barbecue sauce. But, even I cannot fathom eating that much food. That is a lot more caloric intake to gain that many pounds in a month!

Yeah, mine varies about 5 lbs a week but not 15 or 20 in a month! Jebuz!

So how do I do it? Well it’s not really a plan. I just eat. I haven’t had a real “diet” type of plan in over a year. I don’t believe in “diets”, I believe in eating healthier and controlling yourself.

But here’s a little insight to how I eat and how I manage to not gain 20 lbs on pecan pie.

  • I don’t call the way I eat a diet. “Diet” means there is an end-date. I always eat like this, I just eat.
  • I don’t eat more than two plates. Even if that Green Bean Casserole is super delicious, and I totally want to.
  • I burn as much or close to as many calories as I intake daily through either work or working out at home on my off days.
  • I don’t eat chips, or many french fries. But sometimes, you gotta have a few fries.
  • I limit myself to one soda each day or every other day and primarily drink water.
  • I don’t use sweeteners or much salt on or in my foods or drinks.
  • I actually pretty much avoid sweets. I’m not big on them, anymore. I’ll get a craving for a brownie every once in a while, which is fine. I’ll eat a brownie. But not often.
  • I don’t eat white bread, in fact all of my breads or pastas are whole grain.
  • And the big one, I don’t eat out a lot. And if I do, I avoid too much fried food or overly fatty or greasy things

Most of this has just become personal preference over a “diet” mentality. It’s just what I do and don’t like to eat anymore.

What I suggest for not only the holiday season, but all year is slowly make the changes and do tolerable ones. Don’t just jump into the pool with your clothes on. If you cannot tolerate your whole new diet, you won’t last long. You’ll hate it and it will become more of a chore than actually just being happy and enjoying life and food. I’ll admit it, I do eat pizza, KFC, Taco Bell and I do go out to the bar and karaoke with the girls while having a few  Miamis every now and then. I’m not some super strict diet and fitness nazi. It might be why I am poking my stubborn mommy belly still, but I am happy with the way I live my life.

This has been my December Fit Point, for . And definitely go check out Adrienne’s fitness blog and her fit point. :)

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