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History of the Exercise ball

Posted Mar 12 2008 11:53pm
Have ever seen those big bright colored balls that often roll around the floor of the gym?
Until a few weeks ago I thought they were for sitting on in between real exercises. (he he)
Have you ever tried to perform any kind of core strengthening exercises on one of these things? Talk about hard work….
So I decided to some research on this round piece of plastic known as the exercise ball and came across a little history lesson at the “This Mama Cooks” blog today…..please read and follow for more info.
clipped from
ball exercise weights 2 The Swiss ball (also known as a fit ball, gym ball, body ball or exercise ball ) was first developed in the 1960s by an Italian plastics manufacturer who came up with a way of making large colorful balls that could be filled with air.
A doctor in Switzerland was the first to use the balls with adults who had orthopedic problems. Therefore, because the balls were first seen used in Switzerland, they became known as “Swiss balls.” The balls were later introduced to the United Sates in the late 80s and since then they’ve been widely employed in fitness programs throughout the world.
The unstable base that the ball provides means that you are working more than one muscle group at a time.
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