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History of Fad Diets There is an...

Posted Aug 26 2008 3:51pm

History of Fad Diets

There is an entire industry based around helping people lose weight in strange ways. This is the world of fad diets. I remember years ago my dad did a diet called the Mayo Clinic diet that was based around just eggs and grapefruit. Now the Mayo clinic is a very reputable organization but anytime that you find a diet surrounding only a couple of foods then you know that it can’t last. This is a fad diet.

When you are considering a fad diet what you have to look at is if this diet will become a part of your ongoing lifestyle. If you have an all liquid diet that is suppposed to help you lose weight then what are you going to do after the fad diet is over? Keep eating only liquids or go back to your old diet that was helping you gain weight in the first place.

Fad Diets and Shortcuts

Most diet pills, liquid diets, and diet supplements are short-term solutions that won’t work without long-term changes in your eating habits and physical activity level. And many produce side effects, which can be especially dangerous for people with other health conditions.

Fad diets can be another no-lose/no-win situation. Most are based on an eating plan that is not nutritionally balanced; some even eliminate an entire food group. This can cause health problems, and the weight lost is usually regained quickly once the diet regimen is stopped.

Just about every few months we will find another diet book on the book shelves and creating press around. The Diet Blog has for years now written about every diet including fad diets but just because a book has sold lots of copies does not mean that it is not a fad diet and that it will work fore everyone.

Instead of Fad Diets, Supplement Instead

In my eyes there is nothing inherently wrong with supplementing, this is not the same thing as a fad diet. Do not take green tea pills or whatever the latest product is just for the weight loss possibilities, look instead at how these supplements will help you get healthier in the long term. Supplements are especially powerful when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program to help you lose weight and get healthy. Say no to fad diets.

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