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High Intensity Cardio and Torture Chamber TRX abs Workout!!

Posted Feb 22 2013 5:22pm

We went thru each of these circuits two times! Rested after first time thru and then did the second time thru. Try not to stop until you have finished th 6 exercises! Also, we did timing of 30 minutes each exercise, feels like forever on some of these,  Ready? Set? Let’s go!!!

Circuit 1

Half Jacks- Regular Jack but elbows are bent and and they come up to shoulder height.

High knees with Jack arms

Shuffles into Jacks

Hot feet- knees bent ,wide stance and lift your feet fast as you can, like there are hot coals under them

BREAK and then do it one more time

Circuit 2

Skiers- jump squat center, and then side to side, like you are skiing down a mountain

Switch Feet- bend knees get down low and do a cross country skier movement with legs and fast as you can

Bow and Arrow- jumping side lunges with bow and arrow arms

Frog jump planks

BREAK and then do it one more time

Circuit 3

Speedbag Jacks- jack legs with speed bag arms, over head

Hands to Feet-standing bring the opposite foot to opposite hand and try to jump too

Side Shuffles

Plank Jacks-plank position legs jump in and out

Then we did TRX torture Chamber abs.  If you have access  a TRX you are going to want to try this.  If you don’t, go buy one and try this! All for 30 seconds each exercise, 2 second break in between, feet in the TRX in plank position! Try to only come down for the 2 second break!! This is pure torture!!


Mountain Climbers

In and Outs

Plank Jacks


Mountain Climbers

In and Outs

Done!!! If you do not have a pile of sweat on the floor, I don’t know what to tell you!! I was dripping everywhere, it was awesome!!!! :)

Hope you enjoyed it and please comment if you liked it.  If you didn’t you can keep that to yourself…LOL




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