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High-health-risk employees quicker to join wellness programs, study finds

Posted by Steven D.

Conventional wisdom might dictate healthier employees would be the first to enroll in employee wellness programs.

Not so, says a recent study by Nashville-based Gordian Health Solutions Inc., which shows employees at higher risk for health problems are sigining up for health coaching at a higher rate than their healthier counterparts.

The study examined the health status of nearly 1.3 million employees with more than 125 employers who participated at differing levels in health and wellness programs. Gordian says the results sould reassure employers who are questioning whther their programs are targeting and reaching the right people.

Compared to the total study population, health coaching program enrollees had a 5 percent higher rate of acute conditions, an 11 percent higher rate of behavioral heatlh problems and a 12 percent higher rate of chronic helath conditions.

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I'm thinking that the high risk folks have had advice from their doctor regarding participation in wellness programs while healthy people tend to take their health for granted.
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