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Hi - I have been asked to do a 15km walk in 4 weeks time - I currently walk 3-4km 3 times a week. Is it possible for me to train

Posted by debbsc

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Sure Deb. Will you be walking uphill in the event and/or on uneven terrain as in a hike? Make sure this sort of terrain changes and inclines are accounted for in your training plan. Are you in a warm or cold climate? Again, make sure you account for what the weather will be like the day of the event.

Start by increasing your walks to 5km this week and stick with 4 rather than 3/week. Try to make one of those walks an 8km walk. No problem? Then make 1-2 of your walks the next few weeks 8-10km. If you can walk 10km, 15km shouldn't be a problem, but in week 2-3 if you're feeling up to testing the full 15km, go for it, but just listen to your body.

Make sure you stretch properly before, during and most importantly after your walks, and ice and take a mild pain-reliever/anti-inflammatory for sore muscles. If you incure joint pain, take it easy. As your increasing your mileage choices of clothing, especially shoes, become especially important. Be sure you have good ankle support and a proper shoe for the terrain and your foot. High-end athletic shoe stores will look at the way your foot hits the ground and be able to make a great recommendation for you.

Watch that posture. Be sure to keep your abs in and up and look forward rather than down, as the latter is exactly where you'll end up if you walk with a rounded back eyes to the ground. Please add crunches and some various corework to keep your back supported during these longer treks. If you aren't already a gym goer, it's not a bad idea to add some other types strengthening exercises such as squats for the the hams and glutes and side lunges and lifts for the other areas of the leg that may be underutilized if you walk engaging only the quads (front of leg).

Hope that helps and good luck!

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You are awesome - thanks so much
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