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Hey oh Cape Mayo

Posted Jun 15 2010 6:38am

Hey guys!

I’m alive and we’ve been having fabulous weather here in Cape May, New Jersey. So fabulous that I despise the idea of being on my laptop.

Yesterday my sister Maddie and I went for a nice run yesterday morning. I just google mapped it and it was 1.1 miles. We then walked back. And I hate to rub this in, but I lasted a little bit longer than Maddie. I wouldn’t say anything about it at all, except I’ve always been used to Maddie being better at that sort of thing than I am. It felt good to see that my hard work has been paying off.

The easiest thing healthy eating wise here has been to avoid pop (soda). For some reason, my family downs cans of pop like the apopolypse is coming. Sorry, that was lame.  I haven’t had any, but I will admit to having some diet coke out to eat last night. The water tasted terrible, I was desperate.

And I have some very sad, sad news. One of my favorite places for lunch here, The Oasis, is closed. I absolutely adored the cheesesteak from the Oasis and got at least one every vacation.

cheesesteak from the Oasis last year

The picture does not do it justice.

But the fact that Oasis cheesesteak no longer exists gives one less reason to keep eating meat. Vegetarianism could be on its way. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN.

By the way, it figures that the ACME in Cape May would carry Chobani yogurt when basically no grocers in Pittsburgh do. Let me tell you what I think:

Fage is way better than Chobani! I’m sorry Holly ! Fage 2% with fruit is way thicker and creamier. The only thing I will give Chobani is that it has a great variety of flavors. I was able to find strawberry, strawberry banana, and blueberry.

I miss all your blogs and can’t wait to catch up. PS you might be getting a guest post from le boyfriend sometime. Keep your fingers crossed!

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