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Hey Girl. You're So Random.

Posted Oct 24 2012 7:08am
My Trainer:

This morning Tara and I trained before she headed off to Toronto for work.  She made the effort to get in nice and early and was ready to do it.  There was the slightest hesitancy as we started (because we hadn’t trained in more than a week and a half), but she soon found her stride.  We started the workout with dynamic movements, particularly to warm up her scapula retractors and glutes.  I was so excited to read on her blog that she is doing her Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training certification, so I took the warm ups straight from a primal movements video all new GoodLife trainers go through in detail.  She immediately recognized the movements and went through them with purpose!  Her very first lifts alternated between 4 sets of deadlifts and lying tricep extensions. I gave her 2 little warm up sets on the deadlift and she lifted 8% heavier on her last 2 sets!  She proved to be a little too tough for the tricep work as well and we soon found that going up in weight as well.  After those 2 lifts were finished, we did walking lunges in the Group-Ex studio (while holding a weight plate above her head) mixed with a seated row.  The lunges were TOUGH, but she stuck it out through the sets and that set us up for her last sets of hamstring curls and neutral grip chest presses.  It was a good workout, time flew by (it always does) and we’re not set to meet again until next Monday.  That gives her some time to do her own workouts, and she’s always good about fitting in exercise whenever/however she can in her busy schedule.  Whether it’s a planking contest, wall sit-off, or whatever, I’ll check up on her and see what she’s kept herself busy with.  Until then, she’s going to eat like it matters (I think I read that on a t-shirt once) and drink water like it’s free (ha!).


Good news. My Trainer reads my blog. He is pretty primal when it comes to social media. He has been known to say things like "What's a blog ,again" and "What do I need twitter for, I have email". So it's music to my ears to know that he not only what the blog is called, but knows how to find it online. Victory is mine! As for our actual workout, I needed to get up early and get to the gym because I am so busy this week at work, every workout counts. I love doing deadlifts with my trainer. Deadlifts are probably one of the most common exercises that I see being done INCORRECTLY at the gym. Guys using waaaaaay to much weight and women typically won't even attempt deadlifts because they can be a pretty intimidating exercise. Kyle makes sure I keep in perfect form and tempo, while executing deadlifts. The most important part of doing any exercise at the gym is proper form. Maybe not today when you are executing it, but over time doing exercises incorrectly will lead to injury. Guaranteed.
Last night I celebrated a friends birthday and we went out for dinner (and wine) to Ciao Wine Bar  which is right downtown Toronto in Yorkville. I love Yorkville. It's little piece of heaven. Great shops and tons of yummy restaurants. My mission was to try at least two new wines! Mission accomplished! Check it.

Randomly, I feel like sharing a few things from my bucket list. After all, I am all about celebrating randomness on this blog. So here we go:
1. I want to go back to school part time and complete a holistic and natural nutrition course.
2. I want to start my own business.
Note: Combining the two somehow would be absolutely amazing! I would love a business partner...let me know if you're interested!

However, first on my list (as Kyle mentioned) is completing my Personal Training certification. I am already a certified BodyPump, BodyStep and Schwinn Cycling Instructor. I took my Personal Training course through Can Fit Pro  several years ago, but never wrote my exams. Thank goodness it's not too late! I am studying for my written exam and my practical exam all at the same time. I mostly study on airplanes and for a few minutes in bed before I fall asleep, but I am studying!

Since the randomness is flowing now... I can't shake my obsession with circles scarves, I finally found my coffee soul mate at Starbucks...the long pour Americano, my parents are currently riding their motorcycle across the country, I always eat my meat separate from my veggies or carbs (a stir fry makes me nervous) and even though I have one Michael Kors watch, I want another one. Phewf. I feel better now.

Anyone else feel like sharing/celebrating randomness?

Happy Reading,
Me+My Trainer
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