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Here's Why I'm Feeling Positive About Life, and Fitness! And 3 New Fitness Goals.

Posted Sep 30 2009 12:00am

That's me, after my first half-marathon ever!

Well, I am currently unemployed. There are $128 in my savings account (you DON'T want to know how much there is in my checking account, trust me!) and my credit card bill is due tomorrow, so I may be in the negative really soon. Doesn't sound that great, I know...

But, there IS reason to celebrate. In the last couple of years, healthy eating choices and exercise have changed my life . No one can take that away from me. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been.

And then there is this wonderful relationship I have with my personal trainer, Taj Harris , from Crunch Fitness . For as much as I tell her I hate her, (she inflicts too much pain!) she won't go away. She is one of the most incredible people I know, and she knows a whole lot about fitness. And while I am no pro, Taj tells me that losing 62 lbs. makes me some kind of real-life expert. I don't know about that, but we both like fitness, and we like each other, so we'll be collaborating together on some cool workouts and other fitness-related stuff. You'll be hearing from her quite often!

In terms of my personal fitness, I recently ran a half-marathon, so I've been running pretty regularly for the last few months. I have to admit though, that since the race, I have not run once. (It's been 10 days or so.) I don't want to lose my knack for running, so I plan on lacing up my sneakers again real soon! But I also feel like running alone can get a little boring sometimes. I need a new set of goals. Here are a few:

1. To participate in my first ever triathlon!
(I'm thinking Iron Girl in California, this summer?) This means I must:
a. Get a membership at my local pool. I don't know how to swim, (yes, you read that right!) and I need to learn, pronto.
b. Ride bike more often. (And maybe figure out if I need to be riding a specific bike?)
c. Keep running.

2. To fix my fitness room.
I own a treadmill and some decent fitness equipment, but it's all a jumbled mess. The last thing I want to do when I walk into that room is workout!

3. To get certified to be a personal trainer.
This is a DREAM really, but I want it!

Do you think I can do it? I hope so! How about you? Do you have any new fitness goals or dreams?

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