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Here’s a dessert that you won’t ...

Posted Aug 23 2008 7:18pm

Here’s a dessert that you won’t be seeing in the next version of Gourmet Nutrition :

Stephen Bruce, owner of Serendipity 3, otherwise known as “Restaurant I Won’t Be Taking My Girlfriend to For Her Birthday,” designed this $25,000 dessert, named the Frrozen Haute, out of the world’s most exotic and expensive cocoas, edible 23-karat gold flakes, and topped with whipped cream covered with more gold and a side of La Madeline au Truffle from Knipschildt Chocolatier, which sells for $2,600 a pound.

Not to be out-blingafied, Bruce went all Mr. T and also included an 18-karat gold bracelet with 1 carat of white diamonds at the base of the gold encrusted goblet. As an aside, the dessert is eaten with a gold spoon decorated with white and chocolate-colored diamonds, which can also be taken home.

Frrozen Haute

Who in their right mind would spend that amount of money for a dessert, let alone a dessert that according to the woman in the video, tastes “exactly like a frozen hot chocolate?” Does frozen hot chocolate even exist? Which is it lady, frozen or hot? Needless to say, for $25,000, I would half expect a magical leprechaun to jump out and lead me to my brand new Jetta waiting outside in the parking lot. I hope it’s low carb, I’m on a diet.

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