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Here Are Some Good Massage Tips

Posted Feb 20 2010 9:29pm
It is important to remember that when you are doing massage therapy on someone that it should be a relaxing experience for them. You are aiming to help alleviate the stresses and strains that modern living is placing upon the body. In this article, we offer a number of good massage tips that can help to ensure that the person having the treatment finds it enjoyable as well as safe.

1. It is important that the location where you will be carrying out the massage is one which the person having the treatment finds easy to relax in. Ideally you should have an area where they can either lie or sit down comfortably in and it should also be warm. Remember there are going to occasions when the person will need to remove items of clothing in order for the treatment to really be effective. Also if you can why not have some music gently playing in the ground as this can often help with getting a person settled and relaxed before the massage session commences. But before putting the music on it may be advisable to ask the person if they want music to listen to or not.

2. After each session that has been done you need to make sure that you clean the area where the massage took place carefully. Therefore, you need to change the sheets and towels that have been used after each session. Again, a person will often relax far easier if they see that you care about what you are doing and they will often actually trust you far more.

3. Although you may not think this is important it is a good idea that you are aware of how your breath smells. Remember you are going to be in close contact with the person you are giving the massage to. Certainly, they will find it far more difficult to relax if they can smell your breath. So before each session it is a good idea to just pop in a few breath mints or if you have just eaten then clean your teeth.

4. Remember you are going to have people visiting you for a massage who are self-conscious about their bodies and may be unwilling to take their clothing off. Therefore, with these people initially it may be wise to use those massage therapy techniques that do not require their clothes to be removed. Only after they become more relaxed and comfortable in your company should you suggest moving on to those types of massage techniques that require clothing to be removed.

5. When you actually start a massage therapy session always start off using light pressure. Then as the session progresses and the client becomes more relaxed and pliable can you start to place more pressure on the areas of the body that needs it the most.

6. Also do not use the same part of your hand throughout the massage session. What you should do is actually change the part of the hand as this will prevent you from tiring too quickly and which could actually reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

What is most important of all when carrying out any kind of massage therapy on a person is that you keep the person’s comfort and happiness in mind? By keeping the above good massage tips in mind you should actually be able to ensure that the session is the person undergoes is the most enjoyable and relaxing one they could ever possibly have.

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