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Here’s Some Tips For An Effective 15 Minute Abs Workout

Posted Feb 18 2010 10:50pm
There’s no doubt about it, in the way our hedonistic society is structured, a well developed body is a magnet for the opposite sex and that statement is so true when it comes to developing a striking set of firm washboard abs. Because of the lack of time allowed for exercising in most peoples’ days, many folks are on the perennial hunt for a shortened version of a workout for developing those sought after abs. The following is an excerpt on how to create a 15 minute abs workout that will be effective if done over the long haul.

In order to grasp the functionality of the 15 minute abs workout and apply it effectively, you need to know and understand just what muscles are involved in operating your midsection, how they work, and just how they interact with each other. You cannot expect to develop just one group of muscleslike the abs themselves, and not develop the muscles that work with them, because you will throw off your body’s balance design. The midriff muscles involved here and the abs–referred to as upper and lower abs for the purposes of training; the internal and external obliques, and then the lower back.

A well developed set of core muscles is crucial if you want to up your performance on the playing field in sports, as well as develop much more efficiency in performing weight exercises, and then getting those admiring glances from passersby that you so desire. Yes, developing a tight 6 pack is definitely a plus, but you need to have the core strength beneath that 6 pack to keep your body balanced the way it is supposed to be to operate at maximum efficiency and provide the overall strength you need.

A good 15 minute abs workout to be effective in the fullest sense of the word, needs to work all the core muscle groups both individually and together as a grouped complex of muscles. The exercises themselves are very targeted so you can move from muscle group to muscle group working each as a separate entity, and then move on to the exercises that will work all the core muscles in tandem with each other. The workout usually contains 6 types of exercises each targeted for a different outcome, and they start with the lower abs, move to the core muscles, then to the upper abs and finally the lower back with your doing 2 sets for each exercise.

Some of the exercises included in a good 15 minute abs workout would be something like bent leg reverse crunches for the lower abs, twist and weights for the abs and obliques, a 45degree side bend with weight for the obliques and lower back, a ball crunch (on top of an exercise ball) for the abs, then leg lifts, and finally hyper-extension for the lower back.

The number of repetitions is important too if you want your 15 minute abs workout to work and the recommended number is 20-25 reps for each set when you do 2 sets for each exercise. Resting between sets is also an important part of the workout, and you should rest for 30-45 secs between sets. The entire repertoire should be done 2-3 times/week with a days rest in between workouts to let your body take stock, build muscle, and rest so you don’t overdo it.

Finding the needed amount of time for a good core muscle and abs workout is seemingly out of reach for most people, or so they have led themselves to believe. You can get that washboard look and strong developed core muscles with the correct 15 minute abs workout, if you just plan ahead, know what exercises are needed, and keep the routine on a set schedule. A shortened workout like this may not seem to you to be something that would be that effective, but it certainly is-and if done properly with determination and knowledge of what the principles areit will give you the look and strength you want in the shortest amount of time.

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