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Herbs For Anxiety

Posted Oct 09 2011 8:38am

Many people who suffer from anxiety are looking for herbs for anxiety as an alternative to the generally prescribed medication. Whether you are concerned about the side effects, the cost, or the possible addictive nature, the need for an option other than drugs is out there. Some individuals fine what they need using herbs for anxiety.

There are a number of traditional herbal remedies for those suffering from anxiety. Many can be found in everyday grocery stores, and you do not need to frequent specialist markets to obtain your herbal cure. The following four herbs are some of the most frequently sought after herbs for anxiety.

Herbs For Anxiety

Herbs For Anxiety

Valerian - Once generally used to treat sleeplessness, valerian has seen success in treating those with mild forms of anxiety. It is a temporary treatment, only to be taken for a three month period. Because of its calming nature, you should not take valerian if you are also taking other medications that can cause you to be sleepy, such as antihistamines or sedatives. You should also avoid alcohol as well as operating heavy machinery. One study compared a small group of individuals taking the herb with another group of sufferers who took the widely prescribed drug Valium. No significant differences were seen between the two treatment methods.

Passionflower - This has been used as a folk remedy to treat anxiety for many generations. It has also undergone clinical studies and has been shown to be comparable to the effects of benzodiazepine drugs. This also carries the same effects of sedation as is found in valerian, and should be avoided by those nursing or pregnant. Children and those with kidney issue should not take passionflower, either.

St John’s Wort - St John’s Wort is a very popular herbal remedy for anxiety that can be found in most food and drug stores. This herb works by effect by inhibiting the reuptake of the neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Like many herbal remedied, it does take several weeks of treatment for the benefits to be experienced. It has been compared to widely-used SSRI pharmaceuticals such as Lexapro, Zoloft, and Prozac.

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