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Herbal Therapy: Conquer Ailments and Conditions Naturally

Posted Jan 03 2010 11:40am
Herbal therapy, also referred to as herbalism, is one of the oldest alternative healthcare methods known to us. Healing herbs are used in various therapies, cures and remedies for many human ailments and sicknesses. Herbal remedies are also used for various conditions in the animal kingdom i.e. herbs for cats and herbs for dogs.

Derived from plants, natural herbs are used for their medicinal value, aroma and spice content in the art of herbal therapy. The plants themselves are comprised of natural substances that interact with the human body in certain ways that are considered – healing and/or healthy. Herbal therapy allows natural herb plants to act as nutrients in improving organ and tissue conditions in order to rejuvenate, adjust or regain their normal functions.

For centuries people around the world have been using healing herbs to treat all kinds of conditions and diseases, as well as improving general health and well being. Currently, more than eighty percent of the worlds population use herbal therapy for one condition or another.

In recent years, the use of herbs for medicinal purposes has gained popularity, and have even become part of the conventional medicine arena. Herbs have been used over the years to treat depression, high blood pressure, cancer, nausea, joint pain, headaches, menopause, menstruation pains and thousands of other conditions.

Although ancient cultures used nothing but these natural herbal treatments for whatever ailments they had, while some of these plants are today considered beneficial to humans, many claims of this kind are yet to be proven scientifically.

Garlic is probably one of the best known so called ‘healing herbs‘ used for medicinal purposes through the ages as far back as the Egyptian Pharaohs. It’s said that garlic can help to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure and even has benefits where cancer is concerned – this would naturally be dependent on the patient and type of cancer – one would assume. It’s also said that onions and garlic are helpful herbs for diabetes. However, although recent research suggests that supplements of garlic extract could inhibit vascular ‘calc clogging’ in people with high blood cholesterol, this type of claim have little or no scientifically proven foundation as yet.

Herbs for Menopause: Hot flashes caused by menopause are in general prescribed with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which it would seem is extremely counter productive since it’s said HRT increases the risk of developing breast cancer, blood clots, heart disease, dementia and strokes. Even so, the majority of medical doctors still recommend hormones rather than a natural herbal treatment, which in many cases are effective and believed to be safer in the long term than HRT.

Although hot flashes are not necessarily life threatening – yet they are very alarming, they often interfere with sleep, increase anxiety, cause frustration, sweating and mood swings. Some recommend having Motherwort on the bedside table to take during the night when experiencing hot flashes as it’s said to sooth and calm the nerves.

There is much to be learned about herbs and what they offer. Undoubtedly they have much to offer both animal and human alike. Herbal therapy is an amazing subject to read about and learn from and is certainly in many cases much better than taking a pill the doctor prescribed. If you have a garden or even just a balcony or indoor pots, try planting your own herbs – read up on the subject (there’s lots of it) and see what each herb has to offer. You’ll most likely become an avid fan and herbal hobbyist.

Discover more about the health benefits of natural herbs and herbal therapy – sign up for a home study course here at no charge. You’ll enjoy this course immensely – where everything about herbal remedies is explained in both text and video in a clear and fun way.

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