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Help your BODY HEAL itself! Boost your immune system with Nutrients!!!

Posted Nov 04 2008 7:40pm

Choose a diet rich in a variety of plant based foods!

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit in season. Get a dark green leafy vegetable daily!

Juice your own fresh, raw vegetables with fruit!

  • Drink pure spring or distilled water 6-8 glasses daily!

  • Choose whole grains and legumes!

  • Choose fish or chicken more often

  • Choose raw honey, agave nectar or raw sugar to sweeten if needed

    Limit fats to olive, safflower, canola oils or butter to 2-4 TBS daily.
    Limit (or stop) any white flour, white sugar or white rice products.
    Limit salt to less than 1 tsp daily. I use Veg-Sal
    Limit (or stop) chemicals, NUTRISWEET, food colorings or preservatives.
    Limit (or stop) alcohol use to occasional only.
    Limit (or stop!)red meat and dairy to only 3-6 oz daily max..if desired.
    Absolutely STOP any tobacco use!

    A good word about dark greens!


    This IS how I live anyway.....This information can actually SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    Say this..."I wanna LIVE!!"

    Wonderful RECIPES for your health!

    We love Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals!

    Keeping it simple with our premium ingredients for recipes is the key! Also portion control! Don't over eat and stuff beyond what your body requires!

    FYI: did you know that post barriatric surgery patients live on the amount of food or drink to fill a "shot glass" full per meal and to eat more than that they'll vomit? Why not save yourself and find out how little that big body needs to stay alive and do it now! Focus on quality not quantity and there will be NO starvation involved.

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