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Healthy Snack Options for Rapid Fat Loss

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:02pm

As a fitness expert I get a wave of people always asking me, “ What snacks can I eat that will help me lose ‘this’?”    When they say “this” they’re pointing to some part of their body that has a bit too much fat for their liking.

Sometimes I think some people are waiting for me to say, “Oh, don’t worry, you can eat cookies, chips and candy all you want. Everyone has been lying to you. They actually make you thinner!”

Seriously though, should I tell these people what they WANT to hear?

Fortunately, some people are serious when they ask that question. They really do want to know some healthy snack options for rapid fat loss.

So here’s what I share with them:

  • Raw almonds, walnuts or pecans (Not the roasted variety. And don’t even think about the ones with sugar sprinkled on them!)
  • Fruit or veggies cut up into sticks (Stay away from dipping them into things you know you shouldn’t)
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Low-fat cottage cheese
  • Hummus

Those are all great options. But if you really want to treat yourself you’ve gotta check out Prograde Cravers. You can find them here.

They’re made with 100% organic dark chocolate. Plus, they’re only 180 calories and they’ll give you that   “oh-my-god-they’re-so-good” feeling.

Seriously, this isn’t your ordinary “tastes like chemicals or cardboard’ nutritional bar.
Definitely check them out.


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