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Healthy Heart

Posted by Shez B.

Get your heart working! Our hearts are actually muscles and must be used. 30 minutes of exercise everyday, or an extended workout of an hour and a half 3 times a week will help to prevent future heartaches (and I don't mean those with someone you fancy). Taking brisk walks is one pleasurable way give your heart a workout. Jumping on a rebounder, (a small trampoline) gets the heart pumping, the circulatory system flowing, and the lymphatic system going. It is claimed that 10 minutes on a rebounder is equal to 25 minutes of running.
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I agree. Just keep exercising and mix it up. Even if you skip a day, a week or longer, get back in there and start. Healthy body means a happier person and for those around you too.
If you get some money over the holidays and enjoy fitness gadgets, consider investing in a heart rate monitor. For the cardio exercises they talk about above, the monitor-which can sometimes constitute a watch attached to a strap that you wear around your chest-can help give you an idea of how effective your workout is by monitoring your heart rate.
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