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Healthy Eating On a Limited Budget

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:10pm

Has anyone seen the price of fruit lately? A few months ago I was walking through my local grocer and looking at my list of items to buy but not paying attention to price of the actual item. I placed the item in my cart and continued shopping. I get to the register and he places the item on the scanner to weigh them. I look up and the price screen reads $6.00. I looked at him and said with amazement, “Is that for the grapes?” He said, “Yep.” I took one more look at the screen, looked down at my wallet and said, “I’m sorry. I’ll have to send those back.”


That was a humbling day for me. Though six dollars may not be much by itself, when you are on a budget and need to stay within that budget six dollars becomes very significant. I desire to maintain a healthy diet for my family, but if you haven’t noticed, healthy nutritious foods are generally more expensive. I have had to think creatively and cut out a few desired but not necessary items to stay within our food budget. I want to give you some tips on how you may also eat healthy on a limited budget.


A Few Suggestions:

1. Stick to your list

Try to resist the temptation to purchase items that you don’t need or that are not on your shopping list. This would be my biggest struggle when grocery shopping. There have been many times I’ve asked myself, “Now Trill. Do you really need that?” and the answer is usually, “NO!”  

2. Don’t buy snacks and soda

Have I lost my readership yet? Really, if you are trying to maintain a healthy diet and you are trying to stay within a budget, buying snacks and sodas may hinder your goals. Try snacking on fruit and drink water. Remember these are just suggestions!

3. Organic: pick and choose

Organic foods are very popular these days. Even Wal-Mart has gotten in the game and is selling organic foods and products! Organic is good but not necessary. Actually, I would be one who would desire to purchase every organic product in a store! But, as I have read and studied and as my pocket book as called out to me, “No no,” I have learned I can buy certain organic items and still maintain my budget. My favorite organic buys are fruits that have eatable thin skin, eggs, milk, and meats.

4. Pack a lunch

I love to eat out! When I worked outside of the home I ate out almost everyday. The problem with eating out though is that for a small budget it gets expensive too! If you pack your lunch you not only save money but you also control what goes in your lunch.


More Tips on Budgeting


My dear friend, Amy Maples, has had to do a lot of research on maintaining a healthy diet on a limited budget. Her beautiful daughter has allergies and has needed a special diet. I asked her if she had some tips to share as well. She suggests going to which is where she has found many of these suggestions.


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