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Health Snack Ideas To Help You Lose Weight

Posted Jun 23 2009 4:33pm

(photo courtesy of flickr )

We all get those cravings for all the bad stuff that we know will just add the lumps to our thighs and not get us anywhere when trying to lose fat. But by planning for those times and having quick and easy snacks on hand at all times, it will make it much easier to get through those cravings and choose the healthy snack instead.

For instance, just last night, I felt like binging so bad! I looked in my cupboard where there are crackers and chips (by the way, the chips are my husbands, I don’t usually eat them) and then went to the freezer where I store my dark chocolate. But in the end, I decided on an apple and some almonds. Much better choice wouldn’t you say?

When choosing a snack, make sure its a complete snack. By that I mean choosing a carbohydrate and a protein.This will help ensure that your satisfied and don’t continue to crave other things.

Here are some snack ideas that I have on hand:

1. Fruit and almonds or walnuts
2. Cottage cheese and fruit
3. Triscuit crackers or whole wheat/grain crackers and cheese slices
4. String cheese and fruit
5. Carrots and Celery and peanut butter
6. Protein shake
7. Mixed nuts and dried fruit ( just make sure not to over do it!)

Another way to help those cravings pass and choose a healthy snack is to get a “binge buddy” (I just made that up, but its fitting!) Carmel and I will text each other or twitter when we are struggling with cravings. We will then help the other person to choose a healthy snack or support them until the craving has subsided. Having a “binge buddy” can really make a difference! You can come find a “binge buddy” here on Fit Chick Forums!

Don’t forget to allow yourself life’s simple pleasures once in a while or you will end up binging on them. I do allow myself some dark chocolate at least once a week to help me from craving it every day and it sure does make a difference!

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