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Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Posted Mar 05 2010 10:10am

We are currently living in a world of “substitutes”. And by  substitutes I mean that one product can be exchanged for a different one, without having to worry about the lacking nutritional or vitamin effects. Almond milk has been used as a substitute product for a long time and offers many advantages to using it.

It’s most important in helping women lose weight as it has the benefits of high unsaturated fats and other minerals which break down carbohydrates, fats and glucose. Other benefits of this product includes the high amount of antioxidants which are present in it as they help fight off and assist in protecting your body from illnesses from bacteria and viruses.

It’s very helpful for those who suffer from cholesterol problems and are lactose-intolerant as it’s easy to digest and is a very good alternative.

As I mentioned above, due to the low amounts of saturated fats almond milk has been said to be an excellent choice for those who want to lose weight. There are also many other nutritional benefits of almond milk such as it’s very rich in protein as well as omega fatty acids . It also has high amounts of Vitamin E.

Nutrients that are in almond milk include calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and iron so you’re getting a big package of everything. This is something that other milks don’t offer.

Almond milk contains protein, carbohydrates, a low amount of calories, and low fat. For those who want children to drink milk but they don’t like the taste of it, give them almond milk and let them have a try. When you want to lose weight with a healthy choice, try almond milk and you’ll be satisfied.

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