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Health And Fitness: How Fats Can Hurt And Help Your Health

Posted Nov 21 2011 3:23am

There are many important factors that are involved in good health and fitness. However while most people think that to and be healthy you have to avoid fat. However you need to be aware that there is good fat and bad fat.

The harmful fats that will eventually line your arteries and cause heart disease are saturated fats. These fats are ridged as their structure has the maximum amount of hydrogen's, making them saturated. Most food products that contain saturated fats include cheese, fatty meats, butter and whole milk.

There is a direct link between saturated fats and the amount of LDL cholesterol, or bad cholesterol found in your body. High cholesterol can cause a mirad of health issues if steps are not taken to lower it.

Saturated fats are generally found in meat products and products from animals such as fatty meats, whole meat, butter and cheeses. Saturated fats are dangerous because they increase the amount of bad cholesterol, also known as LDL cholesterol, in your body which can eventually cause heart disease.

Lauric acid is another saturated fat that does raise your LDL but interestingly enough it also increases your good, HDL, cholesterol. So you can eat some saturated fats though it is not known what other effects these fats may have to your health.

However this can be a bit complicated and to keep things simple you should try to avoid saturated fats. Most saturated fats are solid at room temperature, such as butter and lard, while unsaturated fats are liquids at room temperature, such as olive oil. Try to include good fats in your diet such as fats found in avocados, vegetable oils, fish, olives and nuts.

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