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Healing My Patella Tendon Rupture

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:03am
People ask me all the time how I healed my patella tendon, what did I do to get my patella tendon so strong so fast. here's the basic steps to how I healed so fast from this rough surgery.

it was rough for the first 6 weeks I didn't drive, I couldn't get my leg in the car, once I was able to start bending it than it worked better for me so I could dive, though I tore my left one not my right.

In the beginning I did Ice and an infrared heating pad (works great) highly recommend it, also I'm huge into hypnosis so I did some mind healing exercises to aid in the healing process.

after a week, I crawled in the gym in did any exercise's that I though were good that I can do for the rest of my body, granted I was in amazing shape before this happened so I wasn't starting from scratch. I did pull ups, cable fly's, push ups, curls, triceps push downs ect. for the rest of my body.

To the righ you can see my best shots of me and my patella tendo about 2 1/2 weeks after my surgery. yes I took these photo's myself, so give me a break it's tough setting the camera and doing my best to walk backwords with a after surgery. Below you can see a comparison after my surgery and about 9 months later.

I also went against my ortho's instructions and performed some leg press with my non injured leg and than did some partial leg presses with my injured leg after about 3 weeks. My ortho said he wanted me to increase my range of motion about 10 degree's a week so that's what I did, though come to find out he wanted me to do more so I though I was behind the curve at about 6 weeks, Once I gave me the ok to rally start increasing range of motion. I started performing range of motion after about 6 weeks I did a ton of stretching in the sauna to help increase range of motion, I would push down on my leg to get as much bend as possible, yes this hurt like hell though I didn't care and I would hold it for about 30 seconds than I would extend my leg straight and I would do this in all different ways in the sauna with a stretching band for about 30 minutes to an hour.

After performing all this stretching and strengthen exercises I was getting tons more range of motion, I started off a little slow in the beginning though I did a ton of contract and relax exercises while I was laying there watching tons of movies and listening to what seemed liked thousand of audio books. Really a I opening experience with my life having to be basically physical helpless for so long.

I didn't have any one to help out, so I took showers using my hands to move my leg after the 1st week once I could remove the gauze from the wound. I would take the brace off as much as possible while I was laying there and work on my range of motion once he gave me the a ok. Granted I have a very good understanding of my body and how the body works, this is my expertise so I would always recommend finding someone that could help you out with it.

I even went to rehab for a couple of days once I got approved though I found out that I was doing more and better stuff than the physical therapist was really doing, so I stopped going after about the 2nd week, though I consulted and asked tons of questions to my dr all the time.

He didn't recommend me doing a lot of the exercises I was doing though I didn't tell him half the stuff I did, and every time I came in for an appointment he would rave how well the progress was going and how fast my muscles came back. I'm basically at about 100% now and my muscle mass in my quad has practically fully recovered 100% with some minimal gains still to come. Though I took 6 months and only focused on healing myself and healing myself alone. I didn't mess around. I'm not a big drinker though I had no alcohol, ate practically 100% organic food and had one of the fastest recovers I have came across.

I have had two friends or people I ran into who went through the patella rupture about 6 months before I did, and I'm much stronger and have recovered faster than they have, I have passed them by.

Granted my education helped me and being in amazing shape before as well. Though keeping a super positive mind, heart, and focusing on healing yourself and getting someone that can really help you out would be my recommendations. My knowledge of the human body and how to exercise correctly is what healed me more than anything.

Below is a comparison the 1st picture was about november 28th 2007 about 2 weeks after my surgery and the 2nd picture as taken on Sept 4 2008, you can notice the big difference, between the two. The 1st week after surgery I lost a total of 20lbs, I have gained my weight all back and than some. yes I did this all natural for all of you who might be wondering out there. the only supplements I use are Protein Powders (jay Robs), Living Fuel, A great Multi Vitamin, a MSN Glucomsimine, though I eat tons of wild alaskin salmon, grass fed beef and tons of organic veggies and some fruit.

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