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HCG Diet and Why it doesn't work!!

Posted Jun 16 2009 5:25pm 8 Comments

I have reviewed many studies on the HCG Diet and as a Exercise Physiologist I don’t understand why people continued listening to horrible advice and easy quick fixes to their weight loss.  The HCG Diet is horrible and doesn’t work to do to the human body and whomever is recommending this to people need to stop.  People on this diet and who want fast fat loss or weight loss.  WAKE UP!! Nothing works unless you eat right and you exercise, there are no shortcuts, just like having a successful business, a great marriage, or anything in life it takes work and moving in the right direction and there are never any easy way quick rich scams that work or quick fat loss plans that work.  Stop fooling yourself, of course anything works temporally and people can lose a great deal a weight on any caloric restriction diet, but it’s not good long term.  Please read this study and if you want I have many more I can send you and show you, why this isn’t good for you.  Go Get Help from an Professional Fitness Trainer, or someone that can really help you get fit and stay fit, healthy, and active forever.  Stop trying to find the easy way out and stop buying these diet and fitness scams.


Refer to: Greenway FL, Bray GA: Human chorionic gonadotropin

(HCG) in the treatment of obesity-A critical

assessment of the Simeons method. West J Med 127:

461-463, Dec 1977


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

( HCG ) inthe Treatmentof Obesity


A CriticalAssessmentof theSimeonsMethod

FRANK L. GREENWAY, MD, and GEORGE A. BRAY, MD, Torrance,California

Injections of human chorionic gonadotropin ( HCG ) have been claimed to aid

inweight reduction by reducing hunger, and affecting mood as well as aiding

inlocalized (spot) reduction. We have tested these claimsin adouble-blind

randomized trial usinginjectionsof HCG or placebo. Weight loss was identical

between thetwogroups, and there was no evidence for differential effects on

hunger, mood or localized body measurements.Placeboinjections,therefore,

appear to be as effective as HCG in the treatment of obesity.

THETREATMENT OFOBESITYwith diet and injections


of human chorionicgonadotropin(HCG)

wassuggested bySimeons in 19541 but its effectiveness

has never beenclearly established.2-5In

spiteof the tenuous scientific basis for treating

obesityin thisfashion,the method hasflourished

in commercialweight clinics throughoutthe

United States but with concentrations in certain

locales such as SouthernCalifornia.6Many of the

commercialweightclinicsadvertise,operate on a

high profit marginand offerphysicians largesums

of moneytoaffiliatewith them whilemaking

minimal demands uponphysiciantime. Consequently,

with strong financialmotivationsfor the

continueduseof the Simeonsmethod,critical

objectiveevaluation seemed indicated. Among

the values claimed for thistreatment areless

hunger; differentialweightlosspredominantly

from thehipsandlegs,and less emotional difficulties

suchasdepression duringtreatment.To

put theseallegationstothetestthefollowing

randomized double-blind studywascarriedout.

From the Clinical ResearchCenter,and theDepartmentof

Medicine,Harbor GenerallHospital,Torrance,andUniversityof

California,LosAngeles,School of Medicine.

SubmittedFebruary 23,1977.

Thisinvestigationwassupportedin partbygrantRR 00425


Societyof BariatricPhysicians.

Reprintrequeststo:GeorgeA.Bray, MD,Harbor General

Hospital,1000 West CarsonStreet,Torrance,CA 90509.


Patientsansweringanadvertisement for participation

in a treatment program forobesitywere

enrolled after payment of adepositwhich was

refundable uponcompletionof the study. The

participantsin this study were white women between

20 and 40 years of age, 152 and 172 cm

in height, and 20 percent to 60 percent overweight.

They were all ingoodhealth andhad

not received HCG previously nor were they receiving

anymedicationforobesity. Following physical

andlaboratory examinations, patientswere randomly


human chorionicgonadotropinand theother

receiving placebo injectionsof diluent.

The drugs werepreparedanddispensed bya

localpharmacist, accordingtocode number.Injections

weregivensixdaysaweek for sixweeks


of hungerwasevaluatedbythemethod of

Silverstone8and involvesaskingpatientsto

markaline betweenIand 9 basedontheirrating

ofhunger (1=nothungry;9=maximum hunger).


and atthe endoftreatment.The circumference

of themidthigh,thechest,thehipsatthe iliac

crest, and themid-upperarm weremeasuredat



the beginning and end oftreatment to assessthe


in moodduringtreatmentwereassessedusingthe

Multiple AffectAdjectiveCheckList,whichrates

anxiety, hostilityanddepression.9Instructionsregarding

diet, cosmeticsandhandlingofpatients

at return visitswereidenticaltothose described

in thestudy reported previously byAsher and

Harper.'0Uponcompletionof thecourseof injections

the codewasbroken,and the datawere

tabulated andanalyzedby analysisof variance

usingan IBM 370 computer.


Twentypatientswereenrolled in each group.

The onlysignificantdifferencebetweenthetwo

groupsonthe initialmeasurements was onthe

anxiety scale,where theHCGgroupwere more

anxious (p<.05)(Table1).Duringtreatment,

sevenpatientsin theplacebogroup andtwoin

the HCG group failedto meetthe minimumcriteria

TABLE1.-InitialValues for Clinici

InTwo Groupsof Pati


Bodyweight (kg).81.4± 9.7



Chest.........91.2± 8.4

Iliaccrest .....104.6± 9.9

Midthigh......58.2± 5.4

Hungerscore....3.3± 1.1


Hostilityscore. . .69.1±22.0


for completion and were excluded from subsequent

analysis (X2 for difference in dropouts

betweengroups using the Yates correction was

2.294; p >0.10). The rate of weight loss is shown

in Figure 1. There were no significant differences

betweenthe two groups at any time. The initial

and final values for the anthropometric and psychological

variables are shown in Table 2. There

were nosignificant differences in the changes in

any of these variables between the beginning and

end of the treatment when comparing the patients

who started and finished.


In this trial of HCG and its diluent as a placebo,

there were no significant differences in the two

groups other than thegreateranxiety in the HCG


Figure 1.-Bodyweight during treatment with human

chorionicgonadotropin (o)or placebo(e).There was no

significant differenceat any time.




Placebo* Ptw


79.4± 8.4 .483


33.0± 2.5 .881m


101.8± 11.2

57.4± 4.2

2.8± 1.2

63.2± 28.0











tProbabilitydetermined by analysis of variance for group differences.

TABLE2.-Initial and FinalValuesfor Clinical Data inHCG-Treated

andPlacebo-Treated Patients

HCG Placebo

Initial Final Initial FinalP

Bodyweight (kg)80.4± 2.3 71.6± 2.1 79.7 ±2.6 71.6± 2.3 .366


Arm .33.0±0.5 29.5±0.5 33.3±0.830.0±0.5.733

Chest .91.7±1.8 88.6±1.5 94.0±2.0 89.4±1.8 .405

Iliaccrest.103.9±2.395.0±2.0 100.6±3.8 92.5±2.3 .772

Midthigh.57.2±1.0 53.1±1.0 57.4±1.3 53.6±0.8 .285

Hungerscore.3.3±0.3 4.4±0.5 2.9±0.3 4.2±0.5 .709

Anxietyscore.85.1±5.0 64.5±5.4 67.1±8.1 65.4±6.1 .139

Hostilityscore.66.9± 5.2 66.4± 3.9 72.6±7.6 60.9± 6.7 .318

Depressionscore72.1±5.9 67.9±4.7 67.7±6.962.4±5.0.913

*Probabilitydetermined byanalysis of variance from F ratio for individual differences between initial

and final values.

462DECEMBER 1977 * 127 *6


group before treatment. It is clear thatpatients

lost weightquite satisfactorily indicatingahigh

degree of adherencetothe 500 kilocalorie diet.

The injections of HCG, however,providedno additional

effectsthatcould notbe accountedfor

bythe diet alone. Weconclude, therefore, that

HCG used in the mannerprescribed bySimeons

does not enhance the rate ofweightloss, nor

does itsignificantlyreducehungerorchange the

ratings of anxiety,hostilityor depression.

Althoughanumberof other studiesusingHCG

in the treatment ofobesityhavebeen carried

out,1'there appeartobeonlytwothat found

HCG may beeffectiveintreating obesity. The

recentstudy by Steinandco-workers4wasdesigned

in muchthesame manner asthe present

study, except that moodratingswere not examined.

However,theyreached the same conclusion.

With thenowoverwhelming bodyof

evidencesuggesting thatHCGisno moreeffective


seemthat furthereffortstoperpetuatethe Simeons

method couldonly be financially motivated.

Therefore,we feelthatthe 20 year history of

theuseofHCG in the treatment of obesity should

come to an end because injections of placebo

appear to be equally effective in allrespects.'2


1. Simeons ATW: The action of chorionic gonadotropin in the

obese. Lancet 2:946-947,1954

2. Albrink MJ: Chorionic gonadotropin and obesity? Am J Clin

Nutr 22:681-685, 1969

3. Bray GA: The Obese Patient, Philadelphia, W B Saunders,

1976, chapter 9

4.Stein MR, JulisRE,Peck CC,et al: Ineffectivenessof

human chorionic gonadotropin in weight reduction: Adoubleblind

study.Am J Clin Nutr29:940-948,1976

5. YoungRL,Fuchs RJ,WolfjenMJ: Chorionic gonadotropin

in weight control. JAMA 236:2495-2497, 1976

6. CroutJR: Chroionic gonadotropin. Federal Register39:


7. BrayGA (Ed):Obesity inPerspective,Fogarty International

Center SeriesonPreventiveMedicine, Vol 2. Washington,

DC, US Government PrintingOffice,1976,pt1,p 7

8.Silverstone JT, TurnerP,HumphersonP: Direct measurement

of the anorecticactivityofdiethylpropion (Tenuate Dospan).

J Clin Pharmacol8:172-179,1968

9. ZuckermanM, Lubin B,Robins SJ:Validation oftheMultiple

AffectAdjectiveChecklist in clinical situations. J Consult


10. AsherWL, HarperHW:Effectof human chorionic gonadotropin

onweightloss,hunger,andfeelingofwell-being.Am J

Clin Nutr26:211-218,1973

11. BrayGA, GreenwayFL:Pharmacological approachesto

treating the obesepatient.ClinicEndocrinol Metab5:455-479,


12. Came S: The actionof chorionicgonadotropinintheobese.


Protocol of Taking Blood Pressures in Children

Most oftenit's verydifficultin an office practice to take blood pressures in patients

under2and3 yearsofage.However,I thinkthere'sagreatneed forus to be

doingthis;andweneedtodevelopourtechniquesand our sensitivities to be able

todetermine bloodpressuresoneveryphysicalexaminationthat wedoon a

child.Ibelieve that pediatricians should deviseaspecial protocolintaking blood

pressures..-..Theyshould takeabloodpressure withthe patient standingor

sitting;andthentheyshould take the blood pressurefollowingexercise.Ithink

this wouldbeterribly important. Manyofusknow that whenachildfirstcomes

intoaphysician'sofficeand israthernervous,thechild'sbloodpressuremight

beelevatedasaresultandperhapstheresultsofablood pressuredetermination

doneathomebyaparentmightbemuchmoresignificant,sothat youcan use

this as a guideline.



ExtractedfromAudio-Digest Pediatrics,Vol.22,No. 1, in the


programs. Forsubscriptioninformation: 1577EastChevy

ChaseDrive, Glendale,CA 91206.




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If you look at the research it's not the hcg it's the 500 kcal diet.  Not rocket science why it works to lose weight.

 if that's what you want a short term solution than by all means it does work to lose weigth. Though the claims they make that hcg makes it so you don't lose muscle is false. 

 though wish you the best and why would I try something when I know how to stay in amazing shape forever without messing my metabolism and losing muscle. 

it's fine to disagree though you might want to read the research i posted.

Hey Scott, I don't know what kind of a bonehead you are but take it from me....a 500 calorie diet will NOT make you lose weight. It will make you gain weight idiot! Anyone that has tried to lose weight will tell you that.I am on the homeopathic version of this diet called the HHCG diet and I've lost close to twenty pounds in 45 days. I do not feel bad and my body is losing fat not muscle or bone. I suggest you quit listening to other idiots like yourself and actually TRY it....unless your a pantywaist like I think you are that is.....


I see you had nothing to say on this diet; and I just wanted to let you know that I've lost 32 pounds so far and am going on it again tomorrow. I plan to keep doing this til I'm at my goal weight. As I speak I've had carbs for breakfast; eat about 1800 calories a day with NO exercise and have kept off all that I lost. So how do you account for this? Before I ate less and gained and gained. You need to get your facts straight and realize that for some of us; the exercise low calorie thing is not going to work. Really look up how the USDA recommendation of 7 to 11 breads a day is very similar to a hog farmers plan for fattening his pigs. You need to quit parroting the so called experts and get your head around another idea.....namely the truth.

BOTH ideas are great ones!!  Scott's is GREAT. Using strength training to rid the muscle groups of glucose & high energy training will help to control weight. SCOTT, the entire premise behind HCG and the 500 calories diet is that it is HIGH protein, limited duration, and put you in a state of ketosis so AS to burn FAT and not muscle. Plus HCG helps you not be hungry on the BRIEF sections of 500 calorie PHASE.  Sott is right...if you strength train when you do the HCG diet you will be LESS  likely to lose muscle. So it is BEST to do both. And Scott is right any 500 cal diet will help lose weight..but what you really want to lose is FAT..THAT is why you eat the protein and strength train.

HCG diet is great because you learn how to eat less and not be hungry..and how to maintain weight.   Lighten up and combine HCG diet and an Exercise Physiologist. And SCOTT YOU are wrong to say this is a quick weight loss scheme.  It takes a YEAR for a woman to lose 52 pounds on HCG...that is a pound a week average..WELL within the guidelines.  There is ONLY four months of 500 calories diets in the year, the other 8 months is maintaining the weight loss by adding more caloires and monitoring the weight.

I tried Hcg - I did 1 round on homeopathic Hcg and lost about 30 pounds. Unfortunately, everything that I tried last year I could only be successful for a short time. (I also did Flat Belly Diet and Lots of exercise) The exercise was the most effective, but I still had a horrible time trying to combat cravings. I was finally diagnosed as a diabetic with pcos 2 weeks ago. But, I would have been ignored if I hadn't pushed for testing. No excessive thirst, No excessive urination. My 3 month average blood sugar was just enough to get the diagnosis, but not enough to warrent treatment besides dietary. If it hadn't been for the fact that I knew there was something wrong with the crazy cravings and plateaus I wouldn't have pushed. I am so glad that I did. I started on Metformin a week ago, already the numbness in my toes that I had been ignoring because I thought it came from wearing my flip flops too much last year is gone. My cravings are actually controllable - I can eat just 1 peppermint patty and stop. before it would cause actual physical pain if I wasn't eating a crazy amount of sugar and carbs.  My point is -even hcg won't work if there is something more wrong with you. I found a few awesome books for reference - Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels and The I Can Do This Diet by Dr. Don Colbert. The Colbert Book has interactive quizes to help you find your roadblocks. They are must reads for anyone contemplating a weight loss program.

If you have tried it, and the wieght didn't stay off, and you are frustrated, do yourself a favor, read Dr. Warren Willey's book The Z Diet, which is how to live life after the HCG diet.  Check out the promo video   Check us out online at  If you are ready for real results, and to finally put in the effort and see the rewards, you have to check out this site. 
I don't know how you can say it doesn't work. At my heaviest I was almost 300 pounds. I lost 152 pounds using HCG. I never had loose skin or any of the other issues you're mentioning. I have maintained the weight that I've lost and when asked how I did it. I tell people about the diet. Everyone I've recommended it to that have tried it have also had great success. Most think that it's due to the fact that you're cutting down to 500 calories a day. Sure that may contribute to it. But as someone that's struggled with weight their whole life, I went through an anorexic stage. Never would I drop 1 to 2 pounds in a day, and that was obviously not eating anything period, and exercising my ass off. So knock it, and call me an lazy idiot all you want I am definitely happy with the results.
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