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Have You Tried Pomegranate Juice?

Posted Mar 01 2010 5:36am

Recent research has uncovered some almost miraculous health benefits of pomegranates from which people have been unwittingly benefiting.

Firstly they have a marvelous ability to not only protect against atherosclerosis,
(i.e. the thickening of arterial walls which can cause heart attacks and strokes), but to actually reverse this thickening and thus return your arteries to a more youthful state. This is something that no drug on the market today is capable of.

Another health benefit of pomegranates is that they have the ability tolower blood pressure in addition to which they can effectively reduce your levels of bad cholesterol and help to increase levels of the good cholesterol.

One of the other health benefits of pomegranates is of great interest to men with problems of impotence as this is often caused by atherosclerosis as the resulting thickening of the blood vessels affects blood flow in all areas of the body.
The exceptional effect that the powerful antioxidants found in pomegranates has, is to improve blood flow in all areas of the body and thus dramatically lower the risk of heart attacks, strokes and impotence.

Other recent research has uncovered evidence of the cancer protecting and even treating abilities of pomegranates, particularly in relation to prostate cancer although there is also some suggestion that the same benefits may extend to breast cancer.

A substance in this remarkable fruit has been found to reduce the levels of PSA (prostate specific antigen,) high levels of which are a marker of how well a patient has responded to conventional prostate cancer treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy etc. One study of prostate cancer patients discovered that 80% of the men receiving pomegranate juice daily reduced they rate at which PSA increased dramatically. In addition there was a marked decrease in the proliferation of prostate cancer cells and an even greater increase in the rate of apoptosis, or cancer cell death.
The general antioxidant effect of pomegranates is three times greater than that of either red wine or green tea and they should definitely be included in everyone’s diet.

Heart attacks and strokes are the number one killer for men and women alike in the western world so if you are only going to adopt one element of the healthy diet then I think pomegranates should definitely be top of your list. The incredible effect pomegranates can have on not only maintaining a healthy heart but their ability to even reverse some heart disease makes this so. No doubt as more research is done into the health benefits of pomegranates they will be found to have many other advantages.
If you are not able to purchase operates in a whole form, you can use the pomegranates juice found in almost any grocery store.  Although the concentration is a little lower (drink more) you will benefit just as well.

I was lucky enough to receive some samples of POM Wonderful, 100% pomegranate juice . I really liked the juice and so did the preschool kiddos! A few things I learned about the POM Wonderful is that it is the only brand guaranteed to contain 100% authentic pomegranate juice and contains no added sugars, preservatives, colors or cheap filler juices. What a plus! If you haven’t yet tried POM, I do highly recommend it, not only for all the great benefits, but for the amazing taste as well! Make sure to check out their site to see all the other great products they offer as well! Thanks POM!

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