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Hatha Yoga Poses Are The Keys To Living A More Contemplative Lifestyle

Posted Aug 24 2012 4:21am

Hatha yoga poses are instrumental in helping the mind to separate itself from objects in the exterior world. The practitioner focuses on the breathing, postures and opposing energies in our world. This practice became accepted in the Western during the latter half of the 20th century and it has maintained its popularity ever since.

It is able to reduce and prepares the body for meditation. The practitioner benefits from improved blood circulation, less muscle pain and stiffness and better muscle tone. Many people are happily, able to stop taking medication for .

Devotees repeat the asanas that include easy posture, pelvic posture, lotus posture and accomplished posture. The yogi balances body and mind by controlling their breathing and calming their mind through relaxed meditation on the postures.

Through regular practice the yogi awakens the corporeal energy, or Kundalini that lies coiled at the base of the spine. The three and a half coils are waiting to be released and once done the energy will rise up alongside the spine to higher levels of awakening. Practicing self inquiry and meditation will help one reach higher spiritual experiences.

By practicing the asanas one activates the six chakras running along the center of the body. Once strengthened the body and nervous system wait for awakening. By surrendering to this power the released energy surpasses our existing intelligence.

Anyone can practice Hatha yoga. The practitioner should locate a teacher who understands how to help the novice learn to train their body through patience and repetition. They learn to recognize that the body will comply but it cannot be forced into submission.

Many westerners have discovered a new flexibility and freedom through this practice. They listen to their bodies by quieting their minds. They discover a better approach to accepting their again in a graceful manner and the reward is a new freedom within,

The building blocks for shifting to higher spiritual awareness are the Hatha yoga poses. By strengthening the mind and body a strong foundation for happiness is created. When the practitioner is able to put the ego aside a more balanced life is the end result.

Hatha Yoga poses are fun to do will assist you to lose weight and improve fitness. Check out our website to learn more about Yoga asanas for weight loss .

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