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Happy I LOVE YOU Day (giveaway post)

Posted Feb 14 2011 3:00am

(Why yes. This misfit DOES eat at the computer. MINDFULLY. Mindful of how much I love my snack.)

First, before I proceed to regale you with how selfish I am and then quickfastandinahurry shift gears to how giving I can be, Happy Valentines Day!

Sure it’s a Hallmark holiday (oooh, did I ever tell you about how I applied to work for them in their card writing department? So.Fun.)but who doesnt like being wished a happy anything.

So happy Valentines Day.

To be candid, we’re not much for celebrating these types of holidays at Casa Miz.

We tend to be the How about we’re loving and kind to each other 365 days a year? that mightcould work better! kind of a family.

We are, however, a clan who *loves* to surprise each other with random treats (I have a point here & it’s all tying into the photo above. I promise) whether it’s an expensive somethin’somethin ‘ or simply a treat Im typically too selfish to share she’s not usually allowed to have.

Allow me to back up a wee bit.

A decade-PLUS ago bit.

I’d been eating gluten free for a while already and because of how much better I FELT I was happily puttering along.

Except for the fact I missed my cereal.

And, to be totally honest, I missed a sweet cereal to satiate my sweet tooth.

I wish I could recall precisely how I found them ( Kays Naturals was founded in 1997 & this was probably around 1999) but since I did my cupboards have always been stocked with the snack pictured above.

And my car.

And my purse.

And my suitcase when I travel.

(even when not outside the house I tend toward the single serving bags .  Methinks I love the cereal too much to trust myself with portion control even now.)

How does this all tie back into Valentines Day & gestures of loving kindness?

Im a misfit who is loathe to share her Kays Naturals gluten-free stash with her child (yes. I will give you a moment to digest that).

From the cookie bites to the Parmesan protein chips these snacks are all mine.

Until they’re not.

And I surprise her by bestowing an ENTIRE!BAG! of ‘Mama’s treats’ upon her.

A few weekends ago I did this at a movie (Tangled for the millionth time) & the delight on her soon-to-be cereal coated face made me grin….and reach out to Kays for a freebie treat for you.


On this SPREADING THE LOVE Valentines Day.

Kays Naturals has *generously* offered to send five of you USA-types a sampler pack crammed with my favorite Kay’s treats.

You may be entered to win for the lowlow cost of a comment below:

On this day where we’re practically compelled to do unto others (never a bad thing in my misfit-opinion) what loving act will you perform?

From sister to stranger. Life-partner to office-mate.

What small gesture will you do today to (metaphorically) surprise a Tornado with her very!own!cereal!pack!

I think you’ll find, as I always do, the act brightens YOUR day as well.

USA only

winner announced 2.21.11

FTC? I paid fer my own cereal!

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