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Happy 2009! Resolutions? No, just goals.

Posted Jan 07 2009 2:48pm
Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope everyone is recovering from a late night of whatever you did to celebrate the coming of a new year. For myself, I spent it with friends and many good games of Guitar Hero (I'm almost ashamed to admit that... but that's what we did).

Many people use the new year to bring about change. We call these our resolutions, and while many people don't stick to them, they are meant to improve ourselves in one way or another. So, they're not totally silly.

For myself, I've really never made a resolution list. Instead, I use New Years day to reflect on what I've accomplished in the past year, and then make plans for the upcoming year. It's my goal list with mostly things I want to get done, rather than things I want to change about myself. I believe that if there's something you want to change (like your weight or your habits), you just do it some way or another, and you don't need a "resolution" to make it happen.

So, here I'll share with you some of the things I accomplished in 2008, and then what I plan for 2009:

In 2008:
  • My two books, New Rules of Lifting for Women, and Women's Health Perfect Body Diet were released back to back. With this came many interviews (radio, web, etc), a T.V. satellite tour and other book promotions.
  • I started and finished the second part of my dissertation study and then went on to complete all the blood analysis and calculations. (I did a human feeding study in which I cooked all foods for my subjects for two 6-week periods... it was a lot of work).
  • In February, I got my own dog: Tazz (the spazz), who I love with all my heart. He also keeps my feet warm when I sleep (because he sleeps at the foot of the bed).
  • I took my CSCS exam and passed (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist).
  • I travelled across the country to attend some great scientific conferences including ISSFAL, ISSN, and the American Dietetic Association annual meeting.
  • I was awarded a placement with UMass Amherst to complete my one-year dietetic internship (which I'm currently half way through).
  • I planned, created and designed my wedding to marry the love of my life: Justin Pribanic on August 2, in Huntington Vermont. Despite the rain, the day was absolutely gorgeous and there was fun to be had by all (even for our three dogs who attended).
  • I started my own bootcamp class, which I teach every Sunday morning.
  • In October I spoke at the 2008 Charles Staley Summit in Phoenix AZ on the topic of women specific nutrition.
  • I completed my own Greencard application (without the help of a $3,000 attorney), so I can stay in the US as a permanent resident once I'm done my degree. (I'm Canadian, and just because you marry an American does not automatically mean you're an American too).
  • In December I finally started writing my dissertation paper to complete my PhD work at UConn. My goal is a May 2009 graduation. So far, writing about science is killing my back and widening my back side... but that's the way these things go (at least I have colleagues going through the same thing to empathize with).
  • Finally, on my birthday, I took an organic gardening course at UConn, so I can grow my own vegetables next spring instead of buying them (which helps save the planet that much more).

There's been more, but those are the major talking points for now. I think I've done pretty good with myself considering that with wedding and a PhD, others would have just choose one over the other (instead of both at the same time...).

For 2009, these are the goals I have in mind:

#1. Finish my dissertation, defend my thesis and get my PhD. FINALLY.

#2. Lose the weight I've gained from sitting on my butt writing my dissertation with the help of my secret weapon, glucomannan, and a lot of exercise. Then, enter a bench-only powerlifting competition with the goal of 155lbs.

#3. Go on a honeymoon with my husband after I graduate from my dietetic internship at the end of June (we didn't honeymoon after our wedding because there was not enough time -or money-). We're thinking Maui, or Eastern Canada (just depends on our budget, once again).

#4. Obtain a job as either a post-doc, assistant professor, high-level Registered Dietitian, writer with Men's Health magazine (I love them) and pay off my student debt (thank goodness I've won a lot of scholarships, so it's not that bad considering I've been in school for 12 years!).

#4. Work in a strength and conditioning facility (maybe with Mike Boyle or Jeff Oliver, etc) to polish my abilities as a CSCS.

#5. Write a book with my good friend Jonathan Fass. (we have it started already.... but are not revealing the details just yet).

#6. Do a seminar tour with Jonathan, Mike Ormsbee and Eric Cressey.

#7. Plant, maintain and harvest my organic garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and squash.

#8. Take and pass the exam to become a Registered Dietitian.

#9. Complete the renovations on my house (new kitchen!!!!).

#10. Change the look and format of my website.

#11. And finally.... Celebrate my 30th birthday in style.

I've shared my goals for this upcoming year. What are your goals for 2009? I'd love to hear about them, so please share them here. Or at least, just write them down and stick them to your wall so you're reminded about them everyday.

Best wishes for a great 2009. Love, Cassandra

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