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Gym Yiddish

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:27pm
I am a very rare breed, if say so myself. More unique than an albino rhino, stripe less zebra, or an African Wild Ass, I am a Jewish Male Personal Trainer. Never met one before? Neither have I! Some people ask what my parents think of the career I have chosen with it being far from the stereotypical Jewish male occupations of law, medicine, or finance. Well, my mother tells people I am a Kinesiologist, which couldn't be farther from the truth (I have my B.S. in Kinesiology), but its her version of a she's cool with it.

From first glance most people don't think that I am Jewish, but when they hear me speak during my training sessions they become suspicious. I regularly will substitute Yiddish words for English words, which let's the cat out of the bag.

My Gym Yiddish:

  • Tokhis - Derriere

  • Shvitz - To sweat, also refers to a Turkish bath house.

  • Klutz - An awkward, uncoordinated person

  • OyVey - 'Oh, how terrible things are'

  • OY - YOY - YOY - An exclamation of sorrow and lamentation

  • Shelp - To carry or to move about

  • Kvetch - To annoy or to be an annoying person, to complain.

Gym Yiddish in a Sentence

'Oy vey, stop kvetching about shelping those dumbbells to the other end of the gym, Mr. Lieberwitz! I'm just trying to get you to move your tokhis and work up a shivtiz, to turn you from Schmegegge to Mensch'

Try it out yourself! Send in your Gym Yiddish sentence....
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