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Guest Post: Staying Motivated!

Posted Jul 20 2011 8:00pm

Hi readers! Today it is my pleasure to feature a guest post from Jennifer Bell of Health Training Guide , who has graciously shared with us some of her tips to stay motivated and on track with your fitness and health goals! Be sure to check out her page and give her some love in the comments below!

Stay Motivated! (Ways To Keep You From Quitting On Your Fitness Goals)

Whether you have twenty pounds to lose, a hundred and twenty or if you just want to maintain your current level of fitness, motivation to stick to your goals will likely become an issue at some point during your journey towards better health. Here are some ways to help you keep from giving up:

Find A Fitness Buddy

Pairing up with a partner will increase your success rate and will help the two of you stay accountable. If your goal is weight loss, be sure to partner with someone who is already in good shape, preferably someone who has been successful at losing weight. Not only will they be able to better understand your struggles, unlike your sister who never gains a pound, but they will also be more
likely to really hold you accountable, unlike your neighbor who is also overweight.

If you are at your target fitness level, find someone who is struggling and help them out. It will help you stay on track because you will want to be a good mentor to them. You could also find someone who is at your level and team up to try different sports or fitness activities.

Create A Mantra

“Nothing feels as good as feeling thin” is a great mantra to tell yourself when you are faced with a smorgasbord of donuts, coffee and juice at the office. There is a lot of power to gain from positive thinking. Eventually the mantra will become a part of you and it will be easier to resist temptations. To get started, try writing it out on a pretty piece of paper and posting it around the house in areas where you may be tempted to start snacking and not go for your workout.

If you want to decrease your 5k time or be able to perform a difficult exercise routine, try “If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”

Mix It Up

Take out your planner and block out periods of two to three weeks and make plans to vary your exercise routine each period. Not only will you be more motivated to keep up with it since you know it will change often, you will keep your body in great shape by using different muscle groups, thus burning a greater amount of calories. Try alternating two weeks of a fitness DVD with two weeks of walking.

Reward Yourself

Humans thrive on praise; think of how a child beams with pride and is encouraged to keep reading after he successfully reads his first book to someone who congratulates him on a job well done. You will likely feel motivated to keep exercising if you give yourself non-food treats for every ten pounds lost or every minute shaved off of your 10k run.

This guest article was contributed by Jennifer Bell from  Health Training GuideCheck out her site to learn more about social worker training  and other exciting health careers.

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