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Growth Hormone Consequences

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:45pm 1 Comment

Many top athletes in virtually every sport that requires strength take Human Growth Hormone, or HGH. Since HGH is taken "under the table", virtually no studies have been done to track the consequences of its use in athletes. However, a study from Johns Hopkins shows that children who are growth hormone deficient and are given growth hormone for one year develop a progressive thickening of their heart muscle and of the blood vessels leading to their brains. They are 52 times more likely to have an atherosclerotic carotid plaque after one year. ( The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, Volume 92, 2007)

A very famous athlete died suddenly for no apparent reason. The autopsy showed that she had a huge heart that had outgrown its blood supply. HGH enlarges the heart without proportionately enlarging blood vessels that nourish it. HGH can make you a better athlete, but at a price. Athletes are so guided by their desire to win that they often are willing to ignore the consequences of the drugs that they take.

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My partner and I have been on bioidentical hormones as well as human growth hormone and natural thyroid supplements for a few months.   The results are astounding.  I'm 49, she's 57.   Her levels of hormones were much worse than mine since she'd had a hysterectomy early on.   Of all her biological family members, she is the only one able to get off her blood pressure medication and has not developed diabetes.  Her lean muscle weight is increasing and fat is dropping really fast.  We are both rock climbing, weight lifting, hiking, biking and running.   After many years of suffering, my joint pain from previous injuries is GONE COMPLETELY.   We feel mentally sharper, too.   It is true that these supplements have gotten bad press from the media because of the dumb bodybuilders and professional athletes who are taking megadoses of everything, but if you take megadoses of salt or even drink too much water you can kill yourself.  


I really hope people understand that with careful monitoring and using microdoses which just bring you up to the normal levels you have of these things anyway (yes, you have some growth hormone in your body right now, naturally), that your quality of life will improve.   The only downside I see is that it is not cheap.


Drugs?  If you want to avoid growth hormone altogether you are going to have to kill yourself because what people are taking is being produced by your body RIGHT NOW....

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