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Group Fitness Can Mean The Difference Between Losing It or Keeping It!

Posted Jan 28 2009 8:30am

Anyone who has ever thought about fitness has contemplated the solitary nature of a work out.  For some people, the fact that exercising is a more or less individual activity is reason enough to avoid getting started. Group Exercise is the single best way to get over the hurdle of making the first move towards a healthy lifestyle.

Think of all the best times that you have ever had. Not too many mental images of you sitting alone in a room all by yourself ? We, by nature, run in packs. We can intellectualize it as much as we want but the truth is we are really no different in that respect than any other creature on Planet Earth. So why should we exercise alone? We, when given the choice, don’t eat alone, or drink alone, or go to the movies alone.

There is a reason for this. We are far more successful as a pack. We push each other to greatness. We support each other in spite of individual weaknesses, we lead each other through unfamiliar territory. We exchange looks and sounds that reassure each other that we are all in it together. While we all claim our own unique life pattern, we can never deny the power we gain by working together.

Fitness is a natural transition for all groups. The stronger the pack, the better the pack. Healthier, vital, full of energy and best of all together. Group Fitness takes the highly effective method of cardiovascular training and combines it with comprehensive strength and flexibility improvement strategies. Each person works at their own pace but with a strong guide and multiple support resources. Classes are meeting places where strangers become friends and friends become coaches and motivators. Best of all, statistically speaking, people who participate in exercise as a group see a 53% increase in activity levels and an exercise adherence rate of 61% compared to people new to fitness who exercise alone.

Individuality and uniqueness are critical in every aspect of life. Bring that individuality to a Group Exercise class and see the power and energy that you bring to the group and to yourself!

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