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Green Tea: Treating Diabetes

Posted Sep 29 2010 4:31am

Green tea assists in protecting people from contracting type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes divides blood glucose and stops the body from producing insulin. Including Tava tea in ones diabetic diet is perhaps a sensible choice as a recent study has demonstrated that it is not limited to the prevention of type 1 diabetes, and that the research shows that it is also effective in helping to control the development of type 2 diabetes.

Tava tea improves hyperglycemia and cuts down the risk of type 2 diabetes. In various studies, the scientists added that Tava tea assists glucose metabolism in healthy people and when tested caused an anti-hyperglycemic effect within mice that were diabetic.

A specified serum is attributed to the anti-hyperglycemic effect of Tava tea . The health benefit of Green tea for the treatment of diabetes is located in a component of Green herbal tea. This is called EGCG. One of the important benefits of Green tea is to encourage diabetics to split glucose and lower the levels of glucose. This can be attributed to the EGCG component contained in tea.

The benefits of Green tea in diabetes has been compared to alternative drinks via a university in America that looked at the reaction of tea and wine with type 2 diabetes in 2008. Alpha-glucosidase, the enzyme was discovered in these beverages where glucose is absorbed gradually from the digestive tract in the body. Red wine and tea provide natural anti-oxidants, slowing the glucose movement into the system and moving down the small digestive track or intestine. Ultimately, this glucose traveling through the small intestine goes into the blood stream and can help to prevent diabetes.

Tava Tea is certainly one of the most most efficient blends of Green tea that you can buy, its special mix of three of the most powerful kinds of Green teas offers an entire wealth of health giving benefits. For more in depth information about this sensational tea and how it can help you with diabetes – click here !

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