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Great Idea: Exercise Routine Makeover

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:20pm


As a trainer I have to be super creative when it comes to exercises for my clients.  If we do the same things over and over again then it just gets boring and dull.

If you’ve been working out for a while you’ve probably hit a plateau or even just got bored with the whole exercise scene.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with you.  All you really need is something new, something fresh that will light your inner fire and get you excited about exercise again.

To help you plan and get your exercise routines ready for the new year consider taking a quick look at these 4 variables that can spice up  enhance your routine a lot and give it a well needed facelift.

1. Frequency

2. Intensity 

3. Time

4. Type


How Should You Apply The 4 Variables? 

There are different ways you can apply the variables to your routine.


Frequency:   It’s pretty obvious that the more you exercise, the greater your weekly caloric expenditure will be. Exercise frequency complements the duration and intensity. A daily program is most likely to have you start a habit and promote consistency with your exercise.  Engaging in four sessions per week is satisfactory, provided your duration and intensity are at acceptable levels. 


Intensity:  Intensity refers to how hard your pushing yourself during the exercise.  A rule of thumb is that if you’re going to be exercising for a longer period of time then you’re intensity levels will be lower so you can last a long time.  If however you’re exercising for a shorter period of time then you can bump up the intensity.


Time (Duration):   If losing weight is your priority, then the duration or total amount of energy you burn should be more than 30 minutes. One of your initial challenges is to bring your aerobic fitness up so you can sustain a moderate intensity for enough time to burn a lot of calories.  Also remember that duration and total distance are more important than speed (intensity) alone. The slower pace also avoids your body from producing lactic acid. 


Type:  For weight loss, aerobic exercise is popular for a lot of people looking to lose body fat.  It also provides other significant health and cardiovascular benefits. Aerobic exercise involves large muscle groups, so you can look beyond walking, jogging, stair climbing, and bicycling to activities that also incorporate shoulder and core muscles.  

For example, activities like cross-country skiing, swimming, skipping, rowing, aerobic dance, and holding weights while walking are really good for developing a number of muscles and decreasing body fat.


So as you can see there are different types of activities that you can do to supplement your current exercise routine.  It’s vital that you try new things to encourage your body to change.


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