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Gratitude. Spread the Mood. Last Day O’Freebies. (Go ‘head & Brood.)

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:03am

Subtitle: Next week is Random Act of Kindness week.  Please to celebrate all.week.long.

In the world of fitness there are, really, only so many topics.

There’s a finite amount of shit stuff about which to write (a vast finite—from yoga to ultra-marathons–but finite none the less) so we each strive to simply put our own twist or stamp on well worn topics.

Today’s dead horse which we shall proceed to flog a few times? Gratitude.

The older I get the less I find that being thankful is a daily struggle or even a conscious focus.

Im grateful most days just for the fact I can get up in the morning (even when the aforementioned awakening is courtesy of the Toddler screaming MOMMMEEE! I UUUUUUPP!) and, if I find mid-day that my gratitude is waning, it’s far easier now than when I was younger to refocus my feelings.

A few years ago I was more in a place of complacency.

If youd have asked I would have said I liked my life. I liked my friends. I liked my Renaissance Man. Everything was good. Fine.

Then, due to circumstances beyond my control, bingbangboom I went on a business trip which Id thought would last a month & ended up taking four.

Let me clarify: four months. away from routine (forget the working out. that wasnt even on my I WANT list). away from Ren Man & Toddler Tornado. different country.

It was during that time period that I had the opportunity to learn about being grateful for all that I have. Big and small.

I realized that, at least for me, gratitude is linked closely with the Law Of Attraction.

What we think truly impacts what flows back toward us (agree? disagree? I wanna know) & when one starts from a place of gratitude it’s amazing what a domino effect it can have on one’s life.

(lecture over. I jutst I truly believe all of this. operate from a place of I WANT AND IM NOT GETTING! & see how far *that* chickenbus takes you. Eh, Ill save you the time: nowhere good. fast.)

That said, if youre anything as I am, there are still days where it’s difficult to find the gratitude in your heart.

For me: ToddlerUpAt5 + CoffeeMakerDidntGoOff + NoTimeToShower - AmazingHusband = HardPressedToBeThankfulMizFit.

Been there?

Here are some ways which work for me to locate the silver lining in my cloud when it’s lookin’ 100% like rain.

* For an entire week set an alarm/reminder for the same time of day. When the reminder PINGS! take a minute (literally) & focus on one aspect of your life/someone in your life for whom you’re grateful.

* I love my gratitude board. It’s crammed with pictures & words to remind me precisely for what Im grateful —-everything from the health of friends/family to work opportunities to travel souvenirs. A quick glance is all I need to refocus my day.

* I recently had a family member come thisclose to losing one of her 5 senses. It was only after that I became truly thankful for my ability to see, hear, taste, touch & smell. Take five days & spend one focusing on each sense. Dedicate a day to being grateful for all you hear. Another to being thankful for all you see. It’s amazing how, when you focus on gratitude, even when what we HEAR isnt what we’re longing for just the fact we CAN hear is a gift.

* Surround yourself with like minded people. This is an obvious one but bears repeating. Remember the old adage of one negative, bitter, cynical, complaining apple spoils the barrel? it’s true.

* Bliss list. Trite? Yes (hello horse we’re beating). Work? FOR SURE. Take a moment every day to jot down some things for which youre thankful.

You still with me? (I know. I ramble because I love.)


Today’s freebie is from Elemental Memories, a company from whom I purchased a necklace I wear as a touchstone or gratitude reminder.

A photo tile necklace which bears a picture of Ren Man & Toddler Tornado (and which you can see in all the videos Ive done).

The freebie? The AMAZING WOMAN who made my necklace has offered to make one of you a Boston locket.

You can be entered to win (all ya’ll. if it’s an international winner I’ll figure out how to get the necklace to you) by commenting below about the photo you’d place in the locket should you win.

What picture would your gratitude touchstone hold?

a photo of someone you love? (no you cant get entered multiple times by saying MizFit)

a pet?

a drawing by your child? by yourself?

a photo of your favorite place?

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

All this week’s winners announced Monday.

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