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Got chronic shoulder pain? Shoulder replacement is an option

Posted Nov 27 2008 10:23am

Shoulder Pain Sucks!

Photo used courtesy of Saquan Stimpson/monstershaq200 0

Photo used courtesy of Saquan Stimpson/monstershaq200 0

It drains you, mentally and physically - especially if your particular condition is long term.

  • it’s difficult to get quality, restful sleep when every sleeping position is uncomfortable or becomes uncomfortable just about the time you drift into R.E.M. sleep, causing you to jerk awake
  • chronic shoulder pain affects almost every movement you make - lifting carrying, reaching pushing, pulling, holding - everyday tasks ( combing your hair or reaching for your wallet ) that you took for granted become impossible or so painful that you avoid them
  • this combination of a lack of sleep plus persistent pain condemns you to a lower quality of life than you deserve

Shoulder Replacement is just one option

There are many options for dealing with your persistent shoulder pain. Consult your physician to learn about the options available to you.

Typically, shoulder replacement is performed when a person has developed Osteoarthritis in the shoulder joint. Though not nearly as popular as knee or hip replacements, shoulder replacement surgery is performed on about 10,000 - 23,000 people per year. The wide discrepancy depends on the source of your information

Dr. Josh Dines and Dr. Rock Positano have posted an excellent article detailing their results: Shoulder Arthritis Doesn’t Mean The End Of Sports

Osteoarthritis - What is it?

The short, non-medical answer - the super-slick cartilage that covers the surfaces where bones meet and form a joint, has deteriorated. This results in bone to bone contact and a great deal of pain and usually affects patients over 60.

A much more medical definition can be found here: Osteoarthritis (OA or Degenerative Arthritis)

Two Shoulder Replacement Videos

The following links will take you to two excellent videos that did not have an embed option, so I couldn’t post them here - just follow the links, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Shoulder Replacement Part I - Surgery performed by Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Zabinski - This video is over 18 minutes long. The first part describes the kind of patients who can benefit from shoulder replacement surgery. Then, Dr. Zabinski describes the prosthesis and how it works. Finally, the last 9 or so minutes are the actually shoulder surgery - which is very good.
  2. Shoulder Replacement Part II - Interview with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Zabinski - This video is almost 4 minutes long and is basically an interview with Dr. Zabinski and the patient who he performed this surgery on. It was her 2nd shoulder replacement - her recovery is remarkable.

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