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Got a WiiFit-Time to do some research of my own (from 5/22)

Posted by Kristen D.

(I'm posting this a day late-my computer was giving me problems yesterday)

I got the WiiFit today, and I'm so excited. I didn't get to turn it on until about 10 p.m.

My fiance is doing the yoga "warrior" pose as I type this, and it looks like his balance is pretty great. The trainer just told him he noticed his hips were a little stiff on one side than the other while doing the exercise, and gave him tips on how to remedy that. This thing is amazingly accurate. It can tell when you're "shaky" and need to visualize the spine stretching.

Aerobic workouts like hula-hooping and running (in place) are so fun, and help you work up a sweat. Strength training includes workouts like lunges and pushups-the number of reps will apparently increase as you successful complete the exercises, and you'll eventually have more and more control over how many reps you want to do.

My first, short experience was great, but starting this weekend I'll sit down and fill you in a bit more-how the WiiFit gives you some interesting and useful information about your body, lets you choose a goal and the time in which you want to achieve it (and what your BMI will be once you reach that goal). The goal I set tonight was five pounds in one month, and I plan on sticking to that-just with my busy schedule, including work and painting my house, my definite "start date" may have to wait until after the weekend. I'll get more into that in another post.

I'm looking forward to sharing my Wii experience with you and letting you know how effective it is. I'll probably do this in a series of journals and through my goal updates.

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