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Good News...Salsa Is Good For You

Posted Aug 26 2008 5:03pm

When you think of condiments, what comes to mind? Ketchup, mustard and other condiments that have been in American culture for a very long time. Recently, with globalization and the immigration of foreigners to America, we have seen and tasted foods from all over the world. Salsa is quickly becoming the most popular condiment in the United States. According to sales records, salsa is taking Nectarinesalsa over the top spot from ketchup. Unlike ketchup, salsa is easily made at home and offers a variety of ingredients and variations. You can increasingly see salsa being used on a variety of foods. It has successfully integrated its way into American foods. The other day, I saw somebody adding it to their baked potato.

Although tomatoes are the main ingredient of salsa, many times, you’ll see salsa without tomatoes. Fruit salsa (mango salsa) is becoming a very popular alternative to the traditional tomato salsa. Originally used strictly with Mexican food (salsa means sauce in Spanish), salsa is now being used with such things as eggs, potatoes, burgers and other foods. Since salsa is so easy to make, you can have many types of fresh salsa in your refrigerator at all times. If you like especially spicy food, you can add extra spice to your recipe. Certain cultures that enjoy spicy food (Indian) also enjoy making and using homemade salsa. Even cultures that aren’t used to spicy food (Japanese) enjoy using salsa (although, a milder version of salsa) with their dishes.

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