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Good Days, Bad Days…

Posted Oct 18 2010 4:45pm

We all have our good days, sometimes even awesome.  And then, we have our bad days, which absolutely sucks.  Even the most positive thinkers have bad days.  As someone who used to think negatively about herself, I have learned a lot in a short amount of time through reading other blogs and going through the online program I mentioned in a past post. 

Every time I find myself about to complain about the dishes in the sink, or the toilet paper not on the roll at home, I think about what I’d gain from complaining.  Things like that aren’t really a big deal at all.  But how about when you’re at work, and you feel like you’re just doing everything wrong, and constantly getting negative feedback?  When it comes down to it, these are things that affect you mentally and emotionally.  You think about if you’re worth anything useful. The thing is, everyone is here for a purpose and being in a negative environment is an indication to get yourself out of it. I know this first hand. The end result is a happier, meaningful you who doesn’t settle for less and can do anything they want to!

How do you brush off any negativity you encounter? Do you let it bother you? You shouldn’t!

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