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Good Cardio

Posted by Jared S.

A great way to boost your cardio is to play basketball.
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Basketball is a fun team sport that can be played indoors, outdoors, on a court, or in a park. It is also an inexpensive, un-complicated cardio activity. Once you understand a few simple rules, it's pretty simple to play. Basketball increases your heart rate and is also great at building muscular enduracne. Since the game has an 'anaerobic' feel (i.e. start and stop movements) it strenghens the heart, lungs, and provides for muscular speed, power, and strength endurance. Before your lace up your shoes and hit the court, make sure you spend a few minutes taking practice trhows or passing the ball around as well as jogging the perimeter of the court. It take 5-10 minutes to warm up your muscles and elevate your heart rate. After the game, make sure you take time to cool down, stretch, and replenish the fluids you lost through sweat.
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